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Are You In The Right Career?

By on Dec 26, 2010 | 4 comments

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After putting nearly 10 seconds in intense research on how one should decide whether he/she is in the right career, I’ve drawn my own conclusions. I have come up with a short, simple question that will help you instantly decide whether you are in the right carrier you should rather be doing something else. Note that I did not say ‘job’ because ‘job’ and ‘career’ are to different entities often referred as one.

wrong-jobYou might have given it a shallow thought, because you always chose the path set by others for you. I believe you got into engineering or medicine (this is what most of us select, right?) because either your parents wanted you to or your friends opted for it. So you told yourself, if everyone’s doing it – it must be the right thing to do. There’s no point in discussing what went wrong or right in the past. Let’s focus on today. Ask this simple question to yourself –

Does the idea of going to office excite you to get up in the morning?

If the answer is yes, then you’re one of the very few who are lucky. If your answer is no, read on…

Let’s face it, your work does not excite you. There’s a faire chance that you still love your work but now it’s getting mundane. You’ve thought of changing the company but still do the same job elsewhere. Change of environment (people, atmosphere, A/C temperature) won’t contribute to the real change you’re looking for. I’m even guessing that you’ve saturated at a point where you think you must go to work, no matter what it is about, to bring money to home. There’s nothing else in the world you can do or you’ve given up hopes you once had for yourself.

Think about it.

So, what are your options now?

Donald Trump says if you find that you don’t love what you do, you should immediately start a part-time job doing what you love. Yes, it involves immense hard-work; but it won’t look like hard work because you’ll be loving and enjoying what you do. It might involve getting up at 4 AM than your regular 7:30 AM, but you’ll love being in ‘control’.

…and trust me, if you really do it – you’ll have a very good chance of finding money in what you do part-time and even a better chance of doing it full time, while taking care of money.

Tell me what do you think? Am I impractical?


  1. Amrut Desh

    December 26, 2010

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    What I liked about this post is, you’ve suggested a solution instead of just exhibiting your concern or posing a question to readers.

    • The Big K

      December 27, 2010

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      Yep, from now on, I’m going to suggest solutions/answers/fixes to the problems and stupidity I identify.

  2. Virgo

    December 30, 2010

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    Few more question to ask (coming from my current experience)

    Do you spend more time on company internet, surfing sites related to your interest instead of doing actual company work and thus missing deadlines ??

    While pissing/shitting in company toilets do you think about your project related stuff or interest related stuff ??

  3. Ashraf

    January 2, 2011

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    Amen to the part time job! Its what I’m doing now. At least you could learn things that you can’t in your full time job =)

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