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Solve Any Office Issue Like A Pro – Master Tip

By on Jan 3, 2011 | 1 comment

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Unfortunately, the work places aren’t ideal. Lot of insane people (including you) make the office place full of issues. Upon clever inspection throughout my 3.5 years of experience as a software engineer in an IT company, I discovered the root cause of issues in almost any office, and it is –


Tell me that’s a no brainer. I know it. But did you ever consider that you are one of the ‘people’? Let me give you my common sense based tip to help you be a hero and solve troubles you have with anyone in the office – your boss, your colleagues, security guard or office boy. This master tip will help you get out of  any existing troubles, make you wiser, healthier and happier. Let’s begin…

Office Issues

Office Issues

If you observe with attention, it’s the ‘lack of proper communication’ between you and the person whom you’ve issues with that’s making the things worse. Let me take a good example. You focused on your work “because you thought you give a damn to gossip and what people say” all round the year and completed all the tasks that were allotted to you only to find that your boss has rated you average in all the departments. What went wrong? You didn’t communicate well with the manager – not just a week in advance, but throughout the whole year! Think about it! Had you been nice to your manager all the time, he/she would have given second thoughts before making you look ‘average’ and put you in the same league as your dumbass colleagues.

So, how to communicate?

Let’s say you have an issue with a colleague or manager. It could be any issue. Why not A) Casually meet the person over a cup of free coffee that your office provides and talk ‘upfront’ about the issue Or B) Setup a formal meeting for the same?

Caution: When I say talk ‘upfront’, it refers to talking like a mature person. Don’t tell your manager how he/she is wrong and how wrong his/her decisions are. Instead, ask for the reasons, seek more information and appear ‘curious’ while doing so. Be interested in arriving at a solution.

If you do it, you will no longer have problems with anyone. Do it and let me know your experience.

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  1. Radhika

    February 23, 2011

    Post a Reply

    What if the person you are having problem doesn’t want to be opened to discuss.
    What if he/she so adamant on some point and do not wants to listen to other side of it.
    What if not an issue but person’s nature itself is a problem?


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