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Why You Should Not Love Your Work

By on Jan 8, 2011 | 2 comments

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What did I just say? Do not love your work? I’ve been advising my colleagues and friends and strangers to love the work they do. However, I’m now changing my mind. One shouldn’t love his work.

I was happily eating Chiwda after being continuously working for almost 7 hours. I bet I’d have fallen sick had I worked this hard during my software engineering days :p . But see! Here I’m typing this post. The computers are too addictive, I tell you. I worked for about 7 hours continuously and now relaxing by typing a post about it. As soon as I publish this post, I’ll be back to the work and continue from where I left. The Chivda is only helping me get better ideas to solve the problem I’m trying to.

I’m not at all tired, but still as excited as I was in the morning. I don’t feel like listening to music or turning on the TV. I don’t believe it!

Don’t love your work, or you’ll end up like me. 😀

Back to work.


  1. Radhika

    January 10, 2011

    Post a Reply

    I love my work right now because the application we are working is not working!

    So we all are enjoying !

    Ha Ha Ha !!

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