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Entrepreneurship Sucks

By on Jan 13, 2011 | 2 comments

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Sometimes I think entrepreneurship sucks. You live in world full of uncertainty and also interact with tons of idiots on daily basis (it sucks more when they belong to IITs and IIMs). You’ve to be in control of everything – right from deciding what to do and how should your company progress. You’ve no one to tell what to do every day and you have to keep yourself motivated.

Delegating your work is not as easy as it sounds. First finding right people for the right job is not at all easy because the there aren’t many talented people around.

Then there’s nasty greed that pops up in your mind every now and then to grow your revenues and profits. When you achieve your targets, you want more because by then you’ve leaned new techniques that you know will bring you great returns. It sucks because you always know if you work smarter, you’ll get instant results and that drives you to work harder and smarter (both!).

Yes, you do love your job and don’t get tired. But on couple of moments, you feel like you need someone to control everything for you.

I know if I find the right team for our venture, we’ll do wonders. But then, I’ll have to take efforts to build that team.



  1. The Big K

    January 14, 2011

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    @Virgo: Thanks for the share. I had a good laugh after reading it. Looks like all entrepreneurs around the world have similar problems 😀

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