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Aamir Khan On Indian Cinema: Watch It

By on Jan 24, 2011 | 2 comments

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Aamir Khan was recently asked why we can’t make movies like ‘Inception’ in India. He says, Hollywood is far ahead of the world (at least Bollywod) in terms of technology and ‘imagination‘. I’ve bolded the second word on purpose. He says it requires more imagination to come up with such ideas (dream within a dream within…) and also be able to connect to the audience with such ideas.

I believe the same also applies to our engineers and those who work in software industry. There’s no scope for imagination and I”m 100% sure that even if there was any scope we’d do nothing about it. Anyway, watch it –



  1. Mayur

    February 7, 2011

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    India is full of leaders, great orators and probably writers. All we are good at is QA. Point faults, find mistakes, board a bus (or drive a car), go home, watch TV, sleep, forget, point new mistake

    Creating some thing needs courage more than imagination. I admire Aamir and Kiran for making Dhobi Ghat!

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