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Education Doesn’t Make Us Wise

By on Jan 25, 2011 | 4 comments

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I no longer believe in college education. At least in India, anything after primary education (or up to 10th) is usually waste of time, money and efforts. Education does not make us wise or teach us life skills. Then why do we waste a quarter of our life studying useless things?

Day before yesterday, I saw an accident on the road. The scene was usual. There was a mob with few trying to help and others just trying to be ‘available’ for ‘any help’. The worst part is, like any other accident the sufferers had head injury. A simple 800 rupee helmet would have helped them save their own blood, consciousness, time and money.

Worse – the victims looked well educated.


  1. durga

    January 25, 2011

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    we almost got run over by a car in the evening. reason, we stopped at the red light and they did not bother to and we were just ahead of them on road. no one gives a damn to rules. Forget rules, they dont even care for thier own safety or the co riders safety. ‘We dont need no education”

  2. kid

    January 25, 2011

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    Well education does not make you wise.. but suppose to make you knowledgeable. The one who applies that knowledge is supposed to be wise. Application !!!

    And considering our education system, when were we actually taught about Application of anything!!

    Also, another argument for Education will be that it broadens the horizon of your understanding!!! Which I fail to see in almost all places…unless the person has been lucky enough to experience diversity first hand.

    The point in question in your post would be, the ability to evaluate rationally.

    Rs800 worth of Helmet or the risk of getting a head injury. Oh…did I forget the *supposedly* style factor of not wearning a helmet. Forgive me I was not style aware!!

    ***you cannot always learn by your own experience, sometimes you just need to look at what happened to others.

    And of all the people who complain about traffic rules, how many did actually wrote an exam and passed a driving test to get their license?

    Forgive me for the lengthy rant, but in your one post, I found two topics about which I am passionate.

  3. Sapna

    February 6, 2011

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    As far as I remember, We were taught all those civic manners in the school.primary and later as well. But nobody seems to care abt them or remember them.Application is out of question…

    These things were stressed especially in our Moral science class. But people rarely bothered as it doesn’t help in BOARD EXAMS. And people say if ppl are interested in Maths and Science they should only study that. Ya right and give a damn to anything that doesn’t help you get more marks or help in making a career with fat paychecks. And you blame education for the problems…. Grow Up

  4. Amy

    February 8, 2011

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    I fully agree with Sapna.
    In school we had 2 subjects- Value Education and General Knowledge. No one paid attention to them for they wouldn’t help in scoring in boards.(Did you study them seriously?) Okay and after 10th one is supposed to choose one stream out of many. There is no point in blaming education system for people not wearing helmets.

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