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Standardizing “Walking Distance”

By on Jan 31, 2011 | 5 comments

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Unlike you, I pay attention to my health. I’m a regular gym goer and expect to have at least one-pack abs by year end (whatever that means, you got the point.). Prior to joining gym, I’d walk for at least 3-4 kilometers every day in the evening – after office. I’d often do that humming songs, thinking about my part-time venture (back then) and making decisions (if required). That meant, anything up-to 3-4 kilometers from my starting point would safely come under ‘walking distance’.

Someone once asked me how far is the ice-creme parlor from home and I used the term ‘walking distance’ and later it turned out to be a ‘autorickshaw distance’. My best estimate is that the parlor was within 800 meters from my home. I learned that walking distance for most of the people is ‘across the street’ or less than 100-150 footsteps. People are so used to sitting on riding their bikes or driving cars that they forgot that God gave us feet to stand and walk on – and not just to press the accelerators, clutch & brakes.

I therefore call for standardizing the Walking Distance. It would help me and other healthy people to feel comfortable when suggesting wither the destination falls within the walking distance. However, I need help from all (relatively) unhealthy people (you, yes you!) to help me finalize it in ‘meter’ unit.

Have your say in comments and we’ll submit it to the government of India.


  1. bhushan

    February 1, 2011

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    Few days before I had personality contest in my college and in due respect your blog helps me a lot…THaNkS a ton. I like the way you write…personally I wants to be in your touch. And as far you new target of ONE pack abs good luck..carry on ..Enjoy The LiFE:-)

  2. Sapna

    February 6, 2011

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    ha ha. Then you must know another thing. Walking distance also changes from city to city… Walking distance in Mumbai is way too high as compared to other cities.

  3. wanluqman

    February 7, 2011

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    What about your food, how much attention do you give. A flier from Dr Udo Erasmus says ‘fats that heal fats that kill’. Search the doctor & ask. Consider to standardize allowable speed as well.. don’t forget the infra. tq

  4. Mayur

    February 7, 2011

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    The walking distance terminologies change when you come and stay in Mumbai. I used to ask for directions and people used to tell me ‘yaha se seedha… 5 minute lagega’, when I was new. Later I realized that those 5 minutes were by their speed and standard. I’d usually take any thing between 10-15 min with my speed to cover a kilometer.

  5. Amy

    February 8, 2011

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    exactly. Mumbaikars walk a lot. So when my mumbaikar aunt said that a particular place is only 15 min walk, I knew I would take longer than that and I would no longer consider that same distance as walkable in nagpur :D.
    So walking distance changes by place as well as era.

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