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Panel Talk @ VNIT: Entrepreneurship Before Or After 25

By on Feb 12, 2011 | 1 comment

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Few days ago, I got an invitation to be on the panel talk on topic ‘Entrepreneurship Before Or After 25’ at VNIT. I totally enjoy being on panel talks and shelling out ‘gyaan’ to wannabe entrepreneurs and students. The keynote was delivered by an eminent entrepreneur and then there was a question-answer round. Obviously, when the keynote speaker is trying to motivate all the audience to take up entrepreneurship, you certainly expect relevant questions about entrepreneurship, don’t you?

But VNIT folks surprised us. Given the fact that keynote speaker was an IIM-A scholar, a student from the audience asked ‘How to crack IIM GD?’. Another got up and explained his personal ‘situation’ (totally irrelevant to entrepreneurship) and asked for an advice how can he get out of it. This all, in front of the audience that was supposed to be interested in entrepreneurship.

Asking the right question is an art. I’m not discouraging you from asking questions. But you should know what to ask to whom.

Anyway, the panel talk was nice. It’s just that I keep my hopes high from people who go to eminent engineering colleges and get disappointed every time.

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