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Bollywood Awards Are Flawed

By on Feb 14, 2011 | 1 comment

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I’m officially abandoning bollywood awards. Year after year, I find mistakes and a regular pattern in the way the awards are given. The best actor/actress award is given only to those who’ve done some crying or emotional scenes. Why isn’t it given to someone in the comic role? Do they think comic roles don’t deserve the best actor/actress awards?

With all due respect to SRK fans, SRK totally sucked in My Name Is Khan and even I can do ‘smaaaarrrttt…smaaarrrrt’ kinda acting easily and bring tears to your eyes. Try it, you can do it to. It was obvious that SRK didn’t study the behavior of those who suffer from Autism. It doesn’t require much skill to get tears in audiences’ eyes by showing the ultimate suffering from diseases which can’t be cured. Don’t we have enough of it in Bollywood?

In India, everything is judged by its popularity. You can even get Bharat Ratna if you are immensely popular.


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