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Raahat Fateh Ali Khan Reminds Me Of Gulfam Hassan in “Sarfarosh”

By on Feb 16, 2011 | 4 comments

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If you follow news, you ought to know that Pakistani singer Raahat Fateh Ali Khan was caught by Department Of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) at IGI, Delhi. Raahat had $124,000 undeclared cash with him, which he was carrying to Dubai. The singer and two other accompanying him have been asked to appear before the DRI again on February 17. NDTV reported that Raahat told DRI that he’s a school dropout and does not understand the laws. One of the news channel reported that the singer obtained remuneration in Dollars for his work in India. Sarfarosh Gulfam Hassan

I think of few questions –

1. Why does Bollywood need Pakistani singers in India?

2. Do the singers have work permit in India? I remember popular singer Abhijeet putting up this question to everyone through media, which mostly remained unanswered.

3. Do we really need badass initiatives by TOI like “Aman Ki Aasha”?

4. Can singers and cricket players really patch the broken bonds between India and Pakistan?

5. Why do Indian people elect Congress to power even after witnessing their ‘track record’ of scams, poor-development et al over 60 years?

6. Isn’t there a possibility of the money raised by Pakistani singers being used to fund the terror activities in India and around the world? Aren’t we all aware that Pakistan is a host to biggest terrorists in the world?

7. Why did Indian government release him after a phone call from Pakistan? Do we really need such people in Government?

The whole Raahat case reminds me of Gulfam Hassan in bollywood movie Sarfarosh. I won’t narrate the story. If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it.

Are we on the same page?


  1. Madhav

    February 16, 2011

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    Exactly….No Doubt that Rahat is very good singer and even he was judge in Chhote Ustad. but this issue is like….
    दाल में कुछ तो काला है….या फिर राहत की पूरी दाल ही काली थी.

  2. durga

    February 19, 2011

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    again, the same typical discussion. When politicians dont make efforts in bridging the gap, the responsibility cascades to sportspersons , singers and artists. I dont think there is anything wrong in extending a friendly hand. Though Rahat was intially detained and then allowed to enter country, he is still prohibited from leaving the country, may be the attempt was to not raise issues of it.
    why should be there suspicion when there is no need for it?
    Mumbai is not forgotten, but tell me how may skewed minds we have in our own country? suspecting the artists and other common people without nay proper backing , for actions of extremists ??

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