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By on Mar 4, 2011 | 9 comments

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Traditionally, customer service is a big joke in India. Typically companies set out to do business based on volume or quantity as we’d say, not the quality. Had I relied only on Infibeam guys to surprise my wife with an awesome bouquet and chocolates in her office; I’d have ruined the entire valentine day. Congratulations to me for buying the gifts well in advance and presenting them to her at 00.00. Let me share my experience of buying on Infibeam and then never getting the items delivered.

Infibeam is a fairly known name in Indian e-commerce. I had visited their site several times and knew they offer to deliver Roses and chocolates all over India. Infibeam is also one of the first e-commerce sites in India to offer their own branded ebook reader, called Infibeam Phi. All this certainly makes one gain trust in the site and assume that these guys have invested a lot in their customer service. I ordered an awesome looking bouquet with chocolates and wrote a special note with the order that the order needs to be delivered between 10 am – 6 pm at my wife’s office. Since the site advertised 24 hour delivery (or something similar, I don’t recall) on Valentine Day, and I was ordering the bouquet about 2 days in advance, I knew the flowers would get delivered on time. I paid cool Rs. 1350/- for my order.

Now came the D-Day and I started waiting for a call from my wife about the delivery of flowers (meant to be a surprise). But she didn’t. So I called up the customer service and asked for the status of my order. The website showed ‘In process’ or similar message. The customer care representative said she has no clue about status of the order and assured me that the order will get delivered on time. I called the customer service again after few hours and got the same message again. I called them up for the third time at around 5 pm to know whether they were considering delivery of my order. The customer representative said she’ll forward my request to her manager and make sure that the order will be delivered.

The order was never delivered.

The customer care should have informed me the status of my order or possible delays. They should at least have provided me with the number of their own local vendor who I’d have contacted to check the status, if they couldn’t do it.

I asked for a refund and got it after few days. But one thing is sure – I’m never going to buy any item from Infibeam again.

PS: Even the Phi tablet is low quality, according to


  1. Rahul

    March 4, 2011

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    That must be just a one time experience, I have always been a fan of Infibeam and have purchased from them ‘N’ number of times, their prices of books are always lower than the pretentious Flipkart, and also mobile prices are very discounted as well. Making a general perception from one time experience is not the right way I feel. But yes, it is sad. But mostly, Infibeam provides a pleasurable shopping experience.

  2. Amit

    March 4, 2011

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    Infibeam who?

    This post introduced me to that site.

    Well, the fact that they gave you a refund in a few days tells me they are not all that bad. Indian online shopping sites have been worse than that.

    Yes they could work on their customer service – arre could kya, they should!

    But hello, did anyone else notice that their logo, colours and layout look like a very famous international online shopping site (complete with a gimmick in the logo, which is not even half as clever here as it is in the original)? Any guesses which site I’m talking about?

  3. Amy

    March 5, 2011

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    oh my…. this site looks very impressive; maybe because the layout, design, fonts are copied from I don’t know anything else about this site but I think it would be great if they copy amazon’s quality and customer service too :D.

  4. Sapna

    March 5, 2011

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    Hmmm you will definitely not rely on them for any such services in the future and now with your post now you’ve made sure a lot more people don’t rely on them for a timely delivery… It is costing them business.

  5. Mayur

    March 22, 2011

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    Duh! Man… so much for a surprise? You plan to eliminate stupidity from the world and end up relying on the customer service of some ‘Lala’ company. Duh man Duh!

    I’m sure if it was NOT meant as a surprise, your wife would have been livid about it 😛

  6. Dharitri

    February 15, 2012

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    My experience with infibeam is average.

    I had ordered flowers for my friend’s birthday. They get delivered a month before. After I wrote to the customer care, they had sent another fresh & a very beautiful flower bouquet with no extra cost!! Initially it was disheartening but I am happy now. My friend loved the bouquet too.

    I recall one more incident where I had ordered for 10 books and one of them was not available even after the payment was made. The amount for the book was duly refunded.

    I once had some problem with the delivery of one of my order. It was mostly due to a bad courier service. I contacted customer care about it and registered a complaint against the courier company. I was personally attended by a special customer care executive from the company. Keeping my request and references, they preferably sent it via two other leading courier service, that I had a pretty good experience with.

    Cakes and books get delivered mostly on time except for one or two instances. I have spent 10 000 on buying 500 or so number of books. Except one, each book I bought was brand new and came with a shockingly low price which is the cheapest that the market could ever come up with.

  7. Sud Rangarajan

    May 9, 2012

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    I too had a bad experience with Infibeam. I ordered two volumes of a series, and they were shown to be in stock. Then I get a mail saying that one of the books(vol1) is not in stock and they shipped vol2 to my friend and cancelled vol1 without even checking with me. What are we to do with the second volume when we have not read the first?! And the customer service was downright rude, they said “We are in business of selling books, so if we have the book, we will send it no?” ! Whattay logic! Stupendous.Flipkart is far far better. At least got a courteous customer service.

  8. Raj

    July 31, 2014

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    I too have had a very reasonable experience with Infibeam. Have purchased more then 50 products from their end. Some very cheap books to a high priced laptop.

    The discounts they provide are very genunie. I got my laptop at a bargain price of Rs 5000 less then available in the market. The delivery for it was done well within time and the laptop works really well.

    Some of the rare books I purchased were not available with them and when requested they readily gave me back a refund of my payment. Based on the experiences I have had with them till date would definitely purchase further products from Infibeam.


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