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Is There Any Talent Left In India?

By on Mar 12, 2011 | 8 comments

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Unlike most of you – I am serious about my country’s development. But the more trust I put in people, the more disappointment I get. I sometimes wonder whether there’s any talent left in India. I’ve been looking to hire talented people and all I get is copy-paste masters who think they can quickly fool any system and get away with it. The most disappointment comes from people who you think are ‘really’ talented. From Ankit Fadia to Hassan Ali, India seems to be full of people who want short cuts to everything. Frg8 it, we evn us shrtcts in typin. u knw wht i mean?

But those words don’t come from my own hiring experience for my venture, but from my experience as a recruiter for the companies I worked with. Copy-pasting job would start right at the ‘Career Objective’ in resume to a friend of mine telling me how Infosys guys were caught by their client copy-pasting the code from Google and submitting it without even caring to remove the comments made by the original author in original code. I don’t know the truth in it – but I’ve no reason to refute it right away as well.

The roots of this dishonest behavior and ‘jugaad’ mentality actually comes from years of wrong upbringing. We teach short-cuts and we lead by example. Engineering is short-cut to job world, MBA is short-cut to better salary and status, cheating in exam is short cut to getting good marks and so on. We even find short cuts to the ticket windows at Cinema Halls! Ever seen 20 Indians standing quietly in a queue to buy a ticket (except in a prison where prisoners queue for food)?

And guess what? This IS the reason we’re still a developing country. We’ve a vast middle-class that has access to resources, but we don’t know how to use them. Our engineering students have laptops and desktops but they don’t know what to use them for, except updating Facebook and watching movies. We do zero innovation in our daily jobs.

Those words are harsh, but we don’t want to hear them – because ignorance is a bliss, and acquiring knowledge requires efforts.

Does anyone know any intelligent & honest person? Refer him/her to me. I’m hiring.


  1. Manav Goel

    March 13, 2011

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    I completely agree. A large number of the Engineers(whom I know) don’t know how to install windows!
    The reason being they are simply not interested and went for engineering because it has now become a norm to be an engineer for living well.
    Finding people with talent and eagerness to work on own has become so tough.

  2. Amy

    March 13, 2011

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    Sir, Honesty is History these days! And you are right- Short-cut ka jamana hai… And yes the “upbringing” plays very important role in it. So the least I can do now is shape up my kids so that they become hungry for knowledge & excellence and not for money.

  3. Sudhakar

    March 14, 2011

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    Nothing is harsh The_Big_K.

    Indians means SCAM.

    SCAM means Indians. ( latest world … they call my dear India now… )

    Future our nation kids will have a subject called SCAM with merits and demerits of it.
    Ex : 2G Scam, Bogus Scam , Commonwealth Games Scam etc…

  4. Radhika

    March 15, 2011

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    @Sudhakar : Haha.. Point.

    Well I myself dont understand why our university study pattern is so old.. Why they dont want to make any changes in subjects we are learning.. and whats the use if we dont do any practical implementation of the same..

  5. durga

    March 15, 2011

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    I am intelligent and I am honest 😀 .

    saying that I have an incident to narrate which has ofcourse caused me huge humiliation for not wrong doing. For some reason my CCNA date fell between 20 feb and 6 apr, I have no clue how it happened and i was supposed to select dates between only these 2 days. The place where I booked my exam, I went back and told them -” I need time for preparation, I cant take my exam so early”, I was told -” which exam”
    me: CCNA
    they : whatt?? why do you want to postpone ccna, no one does that, you have lots of time for DUMPS , read them and you will pass
    me: I will sovle them but I need to understand before I solve them
    them: you can understand once you pass
    me: If you were me, will you study for am exam once you passed it?
    them: that is true , but you will delay your next cycle
    me: please help me in postponing my exam, I need atleast 2 months to prepare

    I was left with no words when I was asked to read dumps and attend CCNA 🙁 and ofcourse i was totally embarassed during the whole episode

  6. Ritu

    March 17, 2011

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    Whatever you say is true. But there are still a lot of people with potential talent in India. Some at times don’t get an opportunity while other don’t make much good use of opportunities at times. Well, and obviously not many people have it in them to create an opportunity like you.:)
    We CEans made good use of the opportunity you gave us and hopefully we are not letting you down:D

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