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AirTel! iPhone 3GS Is NOT The Fastest Phone Now

By on Mar 23, 2011 | 0 comments

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I read an article published by ‘Cutting The Chai’ about Apple treating India as their product clearance market. The article is on the similar lines of my previous article that says India is a global dump-yard for technology markets. The article mentions that AirTel still calls ‘iPhone 3GS’ as the fastest and the most powerful phone in the market yet. It looks like India’s one of the largest telecom network provider isn’t aware of the latest advancements in technology especially in telecom and mobile domain.

They will continue to claim it until Apple decides to release iPhone 4 in India, let’s say several months from now, when they’re ready to launch iPhone 5. The new tag line will read, “Introducing The World’s Best Phone: iPhone 4”. I’m not a huge fan of Apple products. I even believe that they should not bring their products in India at all – because it will save loads of Indian money going into the US.

Anyway, until then, Airtel has no option but to claim that iPhone 3GS is the best mobile handset on the Earth.

PS: I’ve been wondering, how difficult it would be for AirTel to develop their own hi-speed communictaions technology by investing money they’ve stole from us by activating useless services on our phones?. I’m quite sure Mr. Bharti has enough wealth now that has taken care of all the wildest luxuries in the world. Time for some technological advancements, Sunil.

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