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Natural Arrogance

By on Mar 23, 2011 | 4 comments

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I’ve a huge problem. I’ve been told it’s my voice. When I speak, I speak like I’m issuing orders. When I’m requesting something – it sounds like I’m commanding. My casual discussions sound like arguments. My friendly suggestions sound like ‘solutions for faults in people’.

I think it’s about my voice modulation. If anyone wants to believe me, I am a perfectly normal human who does not want to hurt anyone. In fact, I think I’d be wasting my own important time hurting others.   I don’t know the original of this ‘natural arrogance’ in me.When I laugh, it’s louder than normal humans. When I speak, my voice is louder than normal. I’d have been a politician and never needed a microphone. But that’s how my vocal box is. It’s natural. 99.99% of the times, I don’t even know that I’m louder.

Am I really arrogant? Yes it’s true that I think everyone is idiot, but that includes me as well. I’m an idiot in many situations, but I make it a point not to repeat my mistakes. I’d repeat my mistakes twice, but not thrice. I get annoyed to see people with zilch common sense.

How do I fix myself?


  1. Shalini

    March 24, 2011

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    Awesome ! Same here . Even I am also searching for the solution for the same problem. :(. Everyone is pissed off with my way of talking 🙁

    I think only solution is “Don’t care for others and their sayings.” -Simple.

  2. Amit

    April 7, 2011

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    I haven’t heard your voice ever, but I can kinda imagine the arrogant voice while I’m reading your posts. 😛

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