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Manmohan Singh! Are You Insane?

By on Mar 26, 2011 | 0 comments

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Today’s TOI News “India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Invites Pakistani PM Zardari To Watch Mohali India Vs. Pack Cricket Match” made me lose all my left-over respect for this elderly man. I’m not sure whether he’s doing it under pressure, but I’m quite sure he’d have said a big ‘NO’ and offered to resign from his position if he was being pressurized.

I wonder why Mr. Singh thinks that Cricket will bring peace between the two continents? He’s hoping that this small Gesture will act as catalyst in bringing these two countries together. India’s done it several times but looks like Pakistan isn’t willing to be friends with India.

I seriously feel sad for the mentality of these idiot politicians. They’ll continue to bring shame to India. Oh and the mean time, Kasab has applied Supreme Court and it’s going to take few more years before he’s hanged. Oh wait, am I being too optimistic?

Manmohan Sigh! You are a puppet. Resign NOW!


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