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Corporate Decision Making

By on May 16, 2011 | 2 comments

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It all started with me accidentally meeting CTO of a fairly big Indian IT company. I had hard time recalling his name so I went up to him and introduced myself, asked his name and the conversation began. We both were to board the same flight so the conversation veered into couple of ideas I had that I thought would immensely benefit any IT company. He was impressed and asked me to meet me in his office. He promised that we’d do something together.

Now, the first meeting resulted into him directing me to another big-shot in the company who directly dealt with the domain I thought we’d work on. I had two meetings with this big shot and outcome of this meeting was that I was introduced to a lesser big shot who worked under him. I was called for another meeting which this lesser big shot in which I explained everything for the Nth time. Now, I figured out that this little guy was handling the domain which he shouldn’t. His enthusiasm+confidence+incompetence were direct indicators that he had MBA degree and ‘Business Development Manager’ profile. I figured out I had a tough job to do, because this guy complicated my ideas and made them look like a mammoth task. Otherwise even a 10th grader would have understood what I was trying to convey; and how immensely beneficial my ideas were.

The outcome of my all previous meetings was that I was asked to do email communication. I ended up explaining all the points we had discussed multiple times in email and once over the phone. But no use. This guy lived up to his MBAish attitude and timely informed me that he was “connecting the data points” (whatever it means). Now the situation was ugly. I wasn’t giving up and he wanted to show his boss that his work & responsibilities were too complicated. So he asked for more data which was totally irrelevant to all my previous explanation. He informed me that he was forming a committee to discus the matter internally.

Finally, he informed that the idea wasn’t good enough for the company’s consideration. The whole process took over 1 year. One year to say no. I’m bit disappointed, but I can’t stop laughing at how stupid people in corporate world are. Good that I’m not a part of it anymore.



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