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The Courier Boy Who Helped US NAVY SEALS Find Osama

By on May 18, 2011 | 2 comments

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No matter how hard I think, I find it very difficult to digest America’s story of Laden’s killing. By now, the world is resting in peace thinking US killed Laden few days ago. I’m even thinking it’s a plain lie by Obama to divert public attention to something sensational and also gain some political advantage. All this, at the time when America is sitting on a debt of about $14 trillion.

Who did the most exceptional job in killing Osama? I believe it is the courier guy who helped US Navy Seals trace Osama. No wonder the guy/boy said “I don’t want those $25 million US government promised to hint Osama’s location, just go and kill him and save the world”.

Come on, $25m is not a small amount anyone would let go to remain anonymous and be an unknown hero. He might have done it to save his a$$ from future Al-Qaeda leaders. Whatever! Even after so many days of Osama’s death, there is no news from the White House about the footage of Kill Osama operation.



  1. kaapiCat

    May 19, 2011

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    Now we should cry foul and spin conspiracy theories on anything and everything.
    By accepting this Pakistan has put itself in jeopardy. And we shouldn’t forget that even the al-queda have accepted his death through their media mouth pieces.
    Reasons for his killing not being shown and him being buried in sea are all justified. This way any monument coming in his place of burial has been prevented and he will also not be hailed a martyr hopefully.

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