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Struggle Is Necessary

By on May 21, 2011 | 3 comments

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I’ve formed an opinion that struggle has to be a part of everything that you achieve. Well, everyone tries to avoid the struggle and choose the easy way always. If you ever get anything without struggle, you don’t realize its importance. Think about it for a minute and then continue reading.

Crappy you! I just asked you to give a minute of thinking to the point I’m making, but you chose the easy way. Because thinking would have made you struggle with the thought, new ideas which would require some extra work by your brain. You simply avoided it and directed hopped on to the next paragraph. Since you chose the easy path – you will never realize the importance of the point I’m trying to make. You also skipped a chance to upgrade yourself.

The longer and harder the struggle is – the more rewarding your achievement is. I watched Marathi Movie “Taryanche Bet” which is a simple story of a boy belonging to poor family in Konkan wanting to spend a day in 5-star hotel in Mumbai. I’m not revealing the story – but requesting you to go and watch the movie in multiplex. Think about the things you obtained without struggle – gifts from your parents, friends on your birthday. Their importance was momentary and the next day you got back to your routine. You didn’t even use the pen your friend gifted you for more than a week. The same applies to Independence. Most of the readers of this blog were born in ‘Independent’ India (post 1947) and since we got it for ‘free’ – we don’t value our Independence. Ask those who’ve seen the British rule in India. Ask the families of those who’ve lost someone from their family in the freedom struggle and you’ll know how important India’s independence is for them.

Importance Of Struggle In Life

Now look back into your past and think of something that you got after a hard struggle. I’m assuming you’ve struggled for something at least once. It could be your first job, your first motorcycle, your promotion, your top 3 rank in school. How was the feeling? Tell me which achievement gave you more job – the one with struggle or without it?

We recently joined hands with a couple of talented authors in our venture. Thinking that I should make entry as easy as possible, I made offers to everyone who volunteered and showed willingness & passion. But soon, we realized that we eliminated the ‘struggle’ part of being a team member in our venture – and that was a HUGE mistake. As a result, only those who realized how important it is for them to be a part of this team remained and others left. It also made me realize why companies like Google make it extremely difficult to get into their teams. Because once you struggle – you realize the importance of your achievement and then you try hard not to let it go easily.

I’ve learned my own lessons from my own mistakes. Share yours.


  1. kaapiCat

    May 21, 2011

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    Absolutely true…to me your best post yet. The last para was a gem and its so true that we tend value things that come after a struggle.
    Romba nalla eludhirukka:)

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