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Is Making Money A Crime In India? Has Congress Bought TOI?

By on Jun 10, 2011 | 7 comments

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I’ve been following news in Times Of India (for which, I recently lost all my respect) and the Telivision Channels whose anchors have been bought by Congress – thanks to piles of money Congressmen have looted over last 60 years that they can buy anyone. The politicians are now asking Anna Hajare & Team along with Baba Ramdev to declare their assets. The public representatives of the Lokpal meeting have already declared their assets but not the government representatives.

Money Crime

Similarly, Baba Ramdev and his team have been asked to declare their turnover which they did. What about congress men? I know several politicians in my own city where congress and BJP folks own posh bunglows – which they simply can’t buy with their own ‘salary’.

Now Times Of India and other media outlets are creating a sensation as if Baba Ramdev is a criminal who’s amassed huge wealth. Any business over a period of time generates wealth and the proofs are available that they have spent HUGE sums in public welfare and social work. I personally see nothing wrong with it. But look at TOI headlines – all are misleading and create a ‘negative’ image.

The media has to be unbiased – but it seems that congress has bought TOI and all their ‘comments’ as well.


  1. kid

    June 10, 2011

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    Who knows, the people in TOI upper echelon have mass amount of money stashed abroad. Media wields huge power, and they make huge money too!!

    PS: If I were you, I would hyperlink the text or some portion of the text “(for which, I recently lost all my respect)” to the relevant post.

  2. Khan Mdibrahim

    June 19, 2011

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    Why can’t Baba Ramdev declares? He has earned lots of money selling yoga and his medicines in the name of charity work and do not pay even a single penny as tax to Govt. Its correct he should be considered as businessman and enrolled for taxation. His medicines cost about more then Rs 1000 for a mere cough. If he is yogi, why can’t he freely distribute his medicines among masses in the name of charity. Now he is trying to go beyond business thinking and wants to enter into politics. The fast is nothing but political stunt. Was it necessary after Anna did it successfuly and formation of civil society.

    • The Big K

      June 19, 2011

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      Baba Ramdev has already declared his assets but the government officials are yet to do so. For your information, Baba Ramdev’s medicines are not sold through his trust – but through a company which pays its taxes. A trust, as per Indian law, is not liable to pay taxes on income generated through charity donations.

      I don’t agree with Rs.1000 for cough. If you practice Yog daily, you won’t have cough and even if you get, eat some Tulsi leaves. The medicines are priced far below the regular ones.

      • Khan Mdibrahim

        June 19, 2011

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        Who is the head of trust? its Baba Ramdev. If he is real yoga guru he couldn’t sustain even 10 days, where as Nitayanad who sacrificed his life for River Ganga stayed more than 100 days. What yoga is he teaching. And for you kind information, he has not declared anything about his companies and who runs them. How the tax is being paid. How many companies they have? And you are talking about donations, where the money is going , what about charity work? Why he is asking money for yoga camp. I am not against Yoga but the practice he is showing to the world. He is definitely not doing charity for people.

        • The Big K

          June 19, 2011

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          I’ll answer one by one –

          1. Yog only ensure overall well being of body. Commenting without understanding what Yog is about isn’t the right thing to do. Yog doesn’t make you God. Any human without food is bound to die.

          2. So, you’d have been happy if Ramdev had died, huh? Good, I’m hoping you’re not Kapil Sabil posting with a nick name.

          3. The information is already available with the Government (that controls Income Tax Department) and company information is available on ROC. All information is accessible to Government so there’s no question of asking Ramdev to declare it on his own. A trust however does not have to pay income tax by income ‘generated’ through donations. That’s why they disclosed trust related information. I hope you get this.

          4. The income generated through donations goes into running of Patanjali Yogpeeth – which is a huge organization; and as an Indian you should be proud of it.

          5. Baba Ramdev’s Yog classes are aired free of cost every morning to everyone. Only those who opt for front seats are requested to donate to the trust. Fair deal, right? By the way, I’ve learned Yog witihout paying a single penny. He also completed all India tour without charging a single paisa to anyone who attended his Yog camp.

  3. Hinduismglance

    August 24, 2011

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    Well yes,I wanted to write a blog too on the same topic.Luckily I found it here.Times of India is not letting me post any comments although my comments are not vulgar.Secondly Congress/TOI are playing a divide and rule game to make Christians and Muslims anti Anna Hazare.Congress has also bought people to write stuffs like Anna being anti-dalit so that dalits go against Anna.Some very low quality journalist are writing articles.The positive messages on the supreme court decision on SC/ST was deleted by Times of India and the congress hired guys wrote some cheap castist message in just few minutes.Very soon Times of India will lose its viewers and visibility.Very low grade newspaper.

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