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Jan Lokpal Bill Twist: Congress & BJP Are United?

By on Jun 20, 2011 | 3 comments

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The Jan Lokpal Bill in India is turning out to be more interesting that I earlier thought. It was quite apparent in the beginning that it was only the Congress party which is against the Jan Lokpal Bill and everyone else was supporting the Anna Hajare team. However, now it seems that the fight is taking a new form: It’s people vs. politicians and I clearly mean the biggest opposition party – BJP.


I believe BJP is letting a golden opportunity pass in the fear of losing powers that the elected ministers enjoy. Did you all notice how BJP is keeping mum over the whole Jan Lokpal Bill? On Times Now – a leading TV channel that I follow, the panel discussion moderator asked BJP spokesperson about clarifying party’s stand on Jan Lokpal Bill. But the spokesperson avoided the question saying that they will comment only when the final draft of the bill comes to the parliament for voting. And now, their response seems quite obvious – they don’t want Lokpal to be an independent authority questioning the corruption and taking action against the MLAs, MPs and probably, the prime minister.

The fight is now clearly between the people and politicians. Government representatives are accusing the people’s representatives that they are trying to create a parallel government. I don’t see any argument more insane than this. The Lokpal only comes into picture when there’s a charge of corruption against those who are ‘ruling’. Lokpal will neither take policy related decisions nor interfere unless he/she receives a complaint. I wonder who Kapil Sibal is trying to fool. More interesting observation is that Mr. Advani & Mr. Gadkari are silent too. Guess they’re too engaged in solving the internal mess than addressing other issues.

Insanity everywhere! God save India.


  1. kid

    June 21, 2011

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    This is all while the babus walk happily to the bank. I think more corruption happens at the babu level then at the Minister/MP level

  2. Kamal Kannan

    June 21, 2011

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    Every one is a criminal .  I so wish Hazare can succeed. Even if the bill is passed these criminals sitting at the helm will do everything to find loop holes. We need another uprising. I don’t see any other go. We need an alternative to these two parties.

  3. Dev

    June 21, 2011

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    Government Representatives are very articulate to present their version of the lokpal bill. The people of this country have ‘grown up’ & will now not take this non-sense. Why can’t the Lokpal be a completely independent body like the election commission, the Judiciary, etc. Enough of fooling the common public by successive governments since Independence. Its time that as the People of this Country we take some responsibility & give our children a Corruption free India.  

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