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Should Prime Minister Be Included In Jan Lokpal?

By on Jun 21, 2011 | 0 comments

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As expected, the government today submitted the draft of their version of Lokpal and the members of civil society submitted their own draft. It’s quite obvious that the government does not want anyone ‘above’ them and that’s why they have put forward totally insane points in their draft. From what I learn, the government wants – PM-Under-Jan-Lokpal

I personally believe we need an independent system in this country to keep check on elected politicians and bureaucrats so that they don’t go unchained in eating people’s hard earned money.

In case the final draft of lokpal bill is made as per government’s wish, the lokpal will become nothing but a puppet to dance on government’s direction. I however wish to ask all of you to share your opinion on whether PM, Chief Justice, MLAs & MPs should be brought under the purview of Jan Lokpal. The comments are open for all of you. Let’s see what the ‘intellectuals’ among us think.

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