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Why Can’t Media Take A Stand Against Issues?

By on Jun 21, 2011 | 0 comments

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I’ve been closely following the Indian TV media reporting on various issues – the most happening amongst them is the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’. Even the most reputed Television Channel Anchors ask so worthless and idiotic questions especially to politicians and ministers that the whole ‘news reporting’ seems just a time-pass activity. Assuming for a minute that all our media is really ‘independent’, why can’t the TV channels take a stand (for or against the issues)? Did you follow the Baba Ramdev Satyagraha news coverage? Every damn reporter out there was questioning whether RSS is involved in the satyagraha. I didn’t get the unnecessary importance TV reporters gave to it. Using common sense it isn’t hard to conclude that RSS, like any other organization has full right to support anything. It does not mean that the protesters were the proxy for RSS. And tell me, even if they were, what’s wrong with it? Can’t RSS raise voice against issues?

TV Reporter Nayak Anil Kapoor

Question The Politicians

More shocking observation I made is that no TV anchor asked following important questions to the Government –

Q. What are the practical difficulties in bringing the black money back? Or What is the main issue with declaring India’s black money deposited in foreign banks as national asset, that Government has delayed it for several decades?

Q. What is the practical difficulty in setting up money printing press to print 10,20,50 & 100 rupee notes to make up for every 500, 1000 rupee note?

Q. What the the income source of Gandhi family?

Q. Why isn’t Kalmadi still punished?

Q. Why is Satyam ex-boss Raju still not punished?

Q. Why is it taking so long for the government to hand Kasab?

Q. Why is India still a developing country?

Q.  From where did all the minister acquire so much of wealth.

Q. Why does government think that a government body will elect the Jan Lokpal and have the rights to remove him/her from power is a sane decision?

These are just few of the questions, I hope, every citizen of India wants to know. Why can’t we have a single TV reporter who can grill a minister like Anil Kapoor in ‘Nayak’? Or shall we conclude that media has been sold to the Government? Frankly speaking, I don’t have answers. I was totally shocked when people of India voted Congress to the power in last elections. But then, I found out that it was Congress that enforced the usage of ‘Electronic Voting Machines’ which can be easily manipulated (by sending just an SMS).

I believe independent bloggers (like yours truly) are the only onces who can voice real questions. But heck, the government controls the Internet switch. Click & we’re off!

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