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TOI Is Media Puppet Controlled By Congress

By on Jun 28, 2011 | 3 comments

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I just had a glance over the posts I’ve published in recent past and most of them seem to be anti-Congress or anti-government. I’ve also commented on the serious need of independent media. India’s leading media – Times Of India seems to be losing its credibility now a days. I’m even thinking either TOI’s gone corrupt or Congress has managed to ‘buy’ TOI reporters. One recent coverage by TOI – Bitter ‘lauki’ juice can kill you, says panel confirms it. The author (unknown) goes on to link the death of a scientist to ‘Ayurved’ and ‘Baba Ramdev’ and goes on to say that the scientist who followed instructions mentioned in Ayurved and popularized by Baba Ramdev, died by consuming ‘Lauki’ juice. TOI-Congress

Congress definitely wants to destroy Yog and make people lose their faith in Baba Ramdev, who at present seems to be one of the strong Congress enemy. I’m however pleased to see the comments by readers of TOI who’re sane enough. 99% of the comments are asking for reality check.

I’ve lost faith in TOI and read it only to expose the real ‘TOI’. I’m not sure whether it makes sense to talk against one of the biggest media houses in this country, but a little common sense tells me – we seriously need independent media.


  1. Ritu Pandey

    July 3, 2011

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    I completely agree with you Biggie. I doubt if TOI has even a faint remembrance of what real journalism is.

  2. Guest

    July 12, 2011

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    TOI publishes LIES, LIES and LIES. TOI works for, or is controlled by, or is owned by, the dark forces who have their own agenda for India. Know it for what it is – an agent of the dark forces.

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