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iPa(i)d 37k 4 iPad 2

By on Jun 30, 2011 | 1 comment

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I recently wrote about my Gadgetophilia which often results in restlessness and feeling of superiority. Now, before I write further, let me tell you tablets aren’t incredibly useful devices which will replace all your computing needs. Actually, it’s just an internet browsing & movie watching device when you are on the move. However, the best use of any Apple iDevice is the get the “Mine Is Better Than Yours” feeling while not showing it up on your face. The ‘natural’ you behave with an Apple device in your hand, the more jealous it makes people around you.

iPad2 Review

iPad 2 - For The Rich

I had almost decided to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab (Either 8.9 or 10.1, whichever launched first). Of course, I had visited several thousand websites to read reviews and see the demo videos of the tab. However, Apple decided to open a dedicated showroom in the city and I went to them on the inaugural day. All Apple devices grouped together with flashy lights – makes you want to ‘own’ the store right away. The thing I hate the most about all Apple products is their price. The first booth inside the Apple store was for iPad 2 and all the WiFi models were made available for handling. One thing Apple does the best is the GUI and the overall built of their devices – which makes people buy them without paying much attention to price.

The iPad 2 looks gorgeous. It feels great in hands and it quickly made me realize that 9.7″ is the perfect size for tablet. I thought it would be too big to handle but consider typing text on any smaller sized screen – it’s complete pain in the bum. The screen looks cool and all Apple icons are usually made designed to make people fall in love with them. 2 minutes of handling the iPad 2 and it told us it owed 37k of our hard-earned money.

I’ve been handling iPad for few days now and the device is awesome. Typing is pain in ass but overall look and feel makes up for it. I simply hate typing on touch-screen. The new IOS5 will solve the problem by splitting the keyboard but it’s still got few weeks to release. Also be alerted that your regular 3G SIM card won’t fit into iPad 2. You will have to cut it and turn it into micro-SIM card to make it work.

Also, be alerted that in order to use iPad, you need to first create an Apple ID and it asks for your credit card information and stores it. That means, as soon as you install apps from iTunes, it will charge it automatically to your CC. Apple’s already gotten about 1200 more rupees from my pockets because I installed apps that has very nice icons. To hell with Apple’s icons!

Should you buy iPad? Well, do you want to ‘flash’ it? If yes – go for it. You won’t be able to type longer mails, write documents unless you master the virtual keyboard. Also, there are thousands of apps and most of them (the useful ones) are ‘paid’ apps. So be sure to shell out more money to do something ‘productive’ on the iPad.

In short – go for it if you have lot of money.

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  1. kid

    July 1, 2011

    Post a Reply

    “You will have to cut it and turn it into micro-SIM card to make it work”
    Some of the Network providers in India do provide micro-sim.

    “it asks for your credit card information and stores it”
    debit card information also works for creating the apple id.

    The intention of above is to add information. Hope your readers may find it useful.

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