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The Professional India – Does It Exist?

By on Jul 8, 2011 | 0 comments

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Lethargy <=> Unprofessionalism

Tell me, when was the last time your plumber arrived right on the promised time? When was the last time your credit card company stopped calling you upon your humble request? Or when did your sub-ordinates or managers completed their tasks or kept their promises? When was the last time you finished your meeting within the ‘booked’ time? When was the last time, your friend promised that he/she’ll reach your place within 5 minutes and actually arrived just in time? When did your University declared results right on time? When was the last time you noticed no-one is jumping the traffic signal?

We suck at receiving and giving great services. We do not keep promises; and that’s just us, the Indians. The professionalism in our behavior is missing and it shows everywhere. As I type this and look out of my window; I see a huge network of cables hanging between buildings. Apparently the cable guy did his job – connecting homes with cables; but in a totally unprofessional way. Unfortunately, professionalism can’t be taught. It has to come from within, with strong foundations in common sense.

And this unprofessional attitude hurts entrepreneurs like me. I expect a little professionalism with everyone I work with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perfectionist. Making mistakes is 100% acceptable; being lousy isn’t . Oh well, don’t be infuriated because I’m generalizing. I am because I’ve fair amount of experience of working with Indians and foreigners; from Chinese to Americans. They are professionals! Yep! …and it shows from their progress.

My profession enables me to get in touch with the top, busiest guys in the Industry. You know what? They are totally quick and awesome in their responses. If they are interested in our proposal, they’ll get things going right away. If they are not; they’ll inform me about it. But they won’t keep me waiting; like the Indian ‘professionals’. Typically a task that gets done within a day usually takes about 2-4 weeks while dealing with Indian professionals – and I’m an Indian writing this.

We love to copy western ideas, culture, lifestyle, clothing etc. No issues with accepting ‘good’ things. So why not copy their professionalism? It’s good for us. It’s good for everyone.

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