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Why Do We Waste So Much Time On The Internet?

By on Jul 12, 2011 | 4 comments

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This post isn’t about ‘go out’, ‘experience the nature’ type post. Rather aimed at constructive use of Internet – while having fun. Computers aren’t very new to India – but for regular people – it’s just an entertainment medium. Say a replacement for TV and Radio. I’ve often wonderedwhy people tend to seek so much of entertainment – everywhere. The answer I guess, is that people really hate the things they do. Those who’re in jobs, hate their jobs & those who are in colleges or schools – hate studies. This is, I guess, the prime reason people want to keep themselves entertained.

Internet Business Serious

The Serious Internet Business

I see people waste hours and hours on the Internet, doing nothing useful. Their mailbox is always full of useless stuff – mostly forwarded mails, crappy images and now a days – updates from Facebook and invitations to join more social networks. If not emailing, people would simply be forwarding emails to continue the crap or checking out latest photos or videos uploaded by friends on social networks and typing comments on them. The thing is – nothing is really constructive. By constructive, I’m referring to stuff that enriches you. Makes you a better person. Equips you with a new skill. Humans need entertainment – but not 99.99% of the times. Don’t you think so?

The real reason behind seeking so much of entertainment, I believe, is avoiding the usage of brain. People usually tend to avoid anything that requires passing of electric pulses through neurons. I’ve never seen anyone actively using Internet to ‘study’ something. Say how to install a blog. Or learn a new recipe or learn to play a musical instrument – there are SO MANY things you can do online. Internet isn’t meant to be only an entertainment provider. You can actually do a LOT with Internet.

In case you need some motivation – there are several college kids making at least 50-80 thousand rupees per month just through blogging; while straining their brain muscles only by a bit. It’s possible. I know it works. But do you really care?

Or you’re just happy with yourself. Huh?

PS: In case you need ideas, do let me know through comments. I’ll tell you several ideas you can execute online.


  1. rishabh

    July 15, 2011

    Post a Reply

    I spend real long hours on the internet – more than 15+ hours on holidays and 9+ on others but I seem to do nothing useful other than keep reading and reading. I tell myself that it is a good exercise as am gaining knowledge but where am I using it ? Sometimes it makes me feel even though am actually ‘learning’ a lot, since am not able to use it effectively, am actually ending up wasting my time.

    I guess having ideas but not being able to execute them is my biggest problem 🙁

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