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Let’s Burn More Candles Now. That’s All We Can Do!

By on Jul 13, 2011 | 10 comments

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July 13, 2011: Ajmal Kasab’s Birthday has been celebrated by the terrorists with 3 serial blasts in Mumbai. As expected, the police is clueless. The so called Indian Intelligence is silent and clueless. The politicians are saying that some Pakistani agency is responsible for the blasts. The TV channels are busy showing how “their channel was the FIRST” to report the news. The TV reporters are creating an illusion that they’re reporting the news ignoring their own lives. Worst – security in top cities all over India is on high alert.

Candle Light March Mumbai Blast 13 July

Candle Light March? Really?

Everything seems to be planned by the terrorists, the police and the politicians. We put our security on high alert ONLY AFTER the blasts. Let me predict what happens next –

You may add to the list. I’m sick of it. I’m calling for a REVOLT. ANYONE? Fellow Bloggers! Are You Listening?


  1. The Big K

    July 13, 2011

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    Chidambaram is asking people to keep calm and maintain peace. I SAY WHY? WHY??

  2. Rishi

    July 13, 2011

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    you forgot another point.. US & rest of the world will also condemn the attack but will ask India to be strong.. probably they will add some more bullshit.

  3. Kunal

    July 13, 2011

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    i am with you….this has to stop,…or nobody will want to live in india

  4. Frustrated-Indian

    July 14, 2011

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    It’s frustrating. I am sure we will start reading articles about the ‘spirit of mumbai’, starting tomorrow.
    Why the heck are the ministers asking us to maintain peace? X-(


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