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The Problem With Indian Architects

By on Jul 16, 2011 | 3 comments

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The cardio session in the gym isn’t my favorite. The TV screens mounted on the treadmill is a big relief when it comes to spending 15 minutes doing nothing else but running. However, the weasel gym attendants make sure that 7/10 screens don’t work simultaneously at any point of time. Unfortunately, I  never choose the one with a working screen. But the good part is, I get to choose the mill which gives me a panoramic view of the city through the window.

Typical Indian Flat

99% Of Buildings In India Look Like This. What Say?

…and every time I look at the houses and buildings – one thought comes to my mind without fail: Why do all the buildings and houses look like a ‘copy-paste’ of each other? Go to any city or state in India and you will find similar looking houses & buildings.  The houses are built with no ‘real’ attention to the exterior. Every house looks like it’s been first made out of LEGO Bricks. They look like piece of cubes mounted on each other which leaves no room to add to the external beauty of the house. The same goes with housing societies. The color combination is 90% of the times: Pathetic! The same applies to the interiors as well. Whatever little creativity is shown by unnecessary use of cement.

The office buildings are the only ones where I see where at least some ‘brain’ & ‘creativity’ being put to work. I just hope that we won’t have too many office buildings that look XEROX copies of each other. Why I’m bothered? Well, because it makes our cities and houses look dull. People use really low grade color for the building/house exteriors.

I won’t blame the architects though. They are just like everyone else who ‘get the work done’ with ‘copy-paste’. Why’d anyone want to be creative as long as they’re getting paid to dish-out old designs year after years. Why don’t we build beautiful homes, beautiful buildings and beautiful cities?


  1. kid

    July 17, 2011

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    The Shape.. of lego blocks, is to maximize the usable space at the least cost incurred. Yes, creativity is seriously lacking….but I guess not only because of lack of effort by Architect alone. I wonder, how many do actually have a mandate with Aesthetics as a prime focus?

    • The Big K

      July 17, 2011

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      I agree. But don’t you think even cubes can be placed aesthetically? The clients don’t focus on external looks, but have you seen the regular flat-schemes? They too have the same pattern.

      The same applies to the way we build roads, lay telephone and electric wires and design anything.

  2. Ashishchawla4

    July 19, 2011

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    The problem lies with the clients. They simply do not demand world class architecture. 

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