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Why Do “You” Have So Many “Problems” In Life?

By on Jul 25, 2011 | 1 comment

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Yesterday, I asked my friend to watch the “Zeitgeist Movie“. The movie isn’t your typical movie with SRK spreading arms and Kajol running towards him.  The movie gives us another perspective to look at the ‘truths’ being told. The movie exposes 9/11, religion and how Federal Reserves are controlling the money supply to the world – and responsible for most of the problems of the world. In fact, the movie is interesting and leaves you with a new thought. I recommend everyone should watch the movie, full series starting from 2007 edition and then to the latest.

Solve Any Problem

Got Problems?

My friend reacted in a natural way by saying, “Dude! The movie is boring. It talks about religion and economics. I already have too many problems in life to concentrate on the issues these guys are talking about“.

Now, that’s one standard answer I get when I talk to people about reading, writing, doing something they’d not do in regular course of life. “There are many other problems in my life”. I then tried to figure out whether I’ve similar problems in life. I am happy – I don’t. That’s awesome, isn’t it? I just don’t have ‘problems’ in life. All I have is exciting things to do and I’m always looking out for new things to keep me happy & excited. But then, if I’m like everyone else – why don’t I have problems in my life?

1. Great Family: Thanks to the great family I have with all the members who care and always have time for each other. The credit goes to my Mother who keeps everything going without scope for problems. She’s taught us to appreciate each other, and ignore idiots who create problems. The common sense I talk about comes to me naturally from my mother. Every member of my family is awesome.

2. I love myself: I love myself and I always keep myself away from ‘tensions’ and ‘problems’. That’s one big reason I don’t have ‘problems’. I always find something exciting to do and it feels great to be me. I choose who I derive my inspirations from. If I fail, it doesn’t hurt much. If I get angry, it doesn’t last for longer than few minutes or a day in some cases. But that’s okay, because I’m a human. The point is, I’m awesome. If I were you, I’d not see this paragraph as ‘Big K boasting about himself’. I’d rather think, “If Big K can feel great about himself, how I can feel awesome about myself?”. You getting me?

3. I’ve understood the deep meaning of ‘Murphy’s Law’:  Murphy’s law states, “Everything will go wrong”. My philosophy is “Smile, tomorrow’s going to be worse”. So things go wrong. No matter what you do. It shouldn’t affect our peace of mind.

4. I don’t think any situation is complex: What you generally call ‘problem’ is actually a situation. A situation is a situation – it’s not good, bad or problematic. It takes some deep thinking to develop such a mindset.

..and so on. I can go on talking about why I don’t have problems in my life. But I’m quite sure all of you have problems. I’m ready to solve them. I’ll use nothing but common sense and logic. If you have a problem in your life of any kind, send share it with me anonymously. Send it to crazy(dot)engineers(@)yahoo(dot)com. I’ll reply to it with a solution as soon as possible, free of cost. Promise.

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  1. Sanket

    July 25, 2011

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    I’ve a serious problem in life, I can’t make the perfect omlette. When I try to flip the omlette while cooking, it always gets torn.Other than that I too don’t have any problems in life.

    But yes, on a serious note , excellent blogpost. It has become a fashion to wallow in self-pity .This blogpost strikes a confident note and is sure to infuse enthusiasm in readers.

    Also I  found the opening note more interesting. We Indians think if we have so-called problems we are handicapped to enjoy intellectual works. Try discussing a topic such as “Origin of Species” amongst a typical social circle , and it is likely the topic will be diverted to the chemistry shared by Ranbir and Katrina in Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani.

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