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You’re Mentally Sick – Because You Trust Your Driving & Riding Skills

By on Jul 26, 2011 | 3 comments

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Every day, my own belief in my own theory that “People are idiots” strengthens. Today, I saved at least 6 lives in a span of over 100 meters and no one really noticed it. Every day I see people enjoy their freedom of using Indian roads like they’re out of their senses. I’m astonished by the faith people have in my driving skills. They know, no matter what, I won’t collide with them and they just wroom by from the right and the wrong side. The sad part – none of them wears a helmet. So in some unfortunate incidence, if we collide and they die – people will blame me. Even when I’m at no fault.

Indian Traffic

I’ve advocated use of helmet several times. It’s the most common sense based thing. But people always have their own excuse. Helmet ‘Helmet blocks my view’, ‘it pains my neck’, ‘my friends will think I’m uncool’, ‘where do it keep it when I’m not wearing it?’ and so on. The biggest excuse is “I always ride my bike safely and have never been involved in accident”. STUPID STUPID IDIOTIC!

You see, that’s exactly what I mean by “Pointing out stupidity in people’s otherwise normal, everyday actions“. Forget strangers, I’ve not been able to convince my near and dear ones to wear helmet while riding two-wheelers or using seat-belts while traveling in a car. And I don’t know why. I’ve failed miserably in convening this simple act of sanity.  Accidents happen. When they happen – they are BAD. Ever seen an accident site? The bloodshed, and people lying in pool of blood? People trying to help and the passerby just ogling at the sight? Think about your near and dear ones – how’d THEY FEEL to see YOU in this situation? How would THEY feel to see you laying in hospital? Do you not care for their feelings? Are you a STONE?

My doctor friend recently showed me the photos of an accident victim. I wish I could show those photos to you. You’d feel bad about your own stupidity. Seriously.

For HEAVEN’s SAKE, Wear HELMET! Don’t save money there.


  1. Abhijeet Deshpande

    July 26, 2011

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    I was also an opponent of helmets, when my office was walking distance from my home. 
    But once i started travelling longer, i had to use helmet, and since then, i have become a staunch supporter of helmet; and an helmet evangelist. I have made many of my friends and relatives use helmet.

  2. durga

    July 26, 2011

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    I trust my husband’s driving skills , but not of some idiot in road, and thus wear a helmet.

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