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How To Name Your Files & Folders

By on Aug 2, 2011 | 1 comment

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The words which were mostly used by Government clerks few years ago are now an integral part of our lives. Not a single day passes without we creating, naming, renaming & deleting files and folders on our computers. I always believed that any average, educated person with a graduate degree will have the basic sense of how to name files and folders. As a regular reader of this blog, you should have guessed that I have been disappointed. Looks like people need tutorials for everything. Huh!

Minimize your browser window and stare at the clutter of icons on your desktop. Do you see lots of files and folders with names like –

Now check your Outlook or Gmail. Go through the attachments. You will find tons of them with name that make no sense at all! That is, you can’t tell a thing about file or folder’s content just by reading its name. And when we want just that exact file – we simply don’t know which file to open!

But that doesn’t bother lot of graduates. Because 99% of your computer’s content is useless or falls into ‘entertainment’ category (pirated songs, videos, photos, attachments forwarded by friends with label “interestingggggg!!!”). My advise for the rest 1% of the graduates is as follows –

Take a moment to rename your file, folder and give it a nice name – that immediately tells you what it is about. You may use short-forms but make sure you’re intelligent enough to decode them at first sight.

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