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Why Doesn’t Man Mohan Singh Resign? Why Is BJP Silent?

By on Aug 5, 2011 | 0 comments

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The more I pay attention to the neglected and boring topics the more truth I discovered. Like someone said – The truth has to be chased and discovered – it never reveals itself. Trust me, the more I read about politics, governance, world politics, globalization and so on; my head spins. And it spins and spins. Makes me remember the lines from Taare Zameen Par – “Jo Dikhta hai, Wo Kabhi kabar nahi hota, Jo Nahi dikhta hai wo kabhi kabar hota hai” (translates to: What we see, sometimes it is not reality and sometimes what we can’t see may be a reality).

With so many scams being unearthed – I wonder what makes Man Mohan Singh stay in power and be silent. I mean how could this many sleep well at night? Or is this well known puppet loves to enjoy the illusion of power? Earlier in India, the scams were limited to few thousands. Then the figures touched tens of thousands. Now a days, I don’t see a scam that involves less than 10,000 crores! That’ actually too much money. Man Mohan Singh is no nice man (Read: The Great Indian MMS Scandal). But even if he has 1% of self-respect, he should step down and quit politics forever.

BJP Vs. Congress

BJP <=> Congress ?

The bigger surprise is from the biggest opponent of current government – The BJP. Trust me, if I were BJP – I’d have left no stone unturned to bring the government down. BJP has 1000s of reason with proofs to bring the ruling (or serving?) government down. But see their silence! No one speaks! They’re silent when they should be protesting.

What does this tell you? Are they just one party with two public faces?

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