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Talentless Contestants On “India’s Got Talent Show”

By on Aug 6, 2011 | 8 comments

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Whenever I criticize, I criticize for a reason and when I do that I mean it. This morning, to my bad fate, I turned on TV and found ‘Colors TV’ airing an episode of ‘India’s Got Talent’. The show is a copy of, I guess, “America’s Got Talent”. Now, if I find something ‘really really stupid’, I pay more attention to it so that I can blog about it.

India's Got Talent Colors TV

India's Got Talent - But What's Talent Anyway?

The episode had an Indian band “Madhavas” performing. I was convinced that the judges would throw them out for the crappy, talent-less performance and tell them to quit ‘music’ and ‘singing’. But to my surprise, the judges (Kirrrrrrrr(add more Rs)on Kher, Dharmedra and Sonali Bendre) were actually enjoying! I was shocked. I felt bad. I felt disgusted! I mean, save Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre, how could Dharmendra enjoy it? Watch the judges appreciating the band – and you’ll know.

I however feel a bit awkward sometimes while writing such posts. Because 9/10 of you will actually agree with the judges that the band actually has ‘talent’. Insane clothing, no knowledge of ‘sur’ or ‘taal’ and equally insane dance while shouting – is that talent? What are we promoting and appreciating? Do we really understand ‘art’? Why is everything being presented as ‘Rock’ suddenly becomes ‘cool’ and everyone wants to follow? Give me a break! My head explodes.

Anger shot into my head as Kirron Kher said “young generation is protecting and promoting Indian culture”. My foot! Is THIS Indian culture? Being idiot is Indian culture? Wearing insane clothes is Indian culture? If you think I’m being a cultural police – then yes – because we need cultural police otherwise idiots will destroy it.

200 Years of Slavery and systematic brainwashing has made us ashamed of ourselves and our own culture. The sad part is, even decades after independence, we’re still slaves.


  1. Durga

    August 7, 2011

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    This ‘whatever; reminds me of ISKON visits.  This tune is sung at the end of a exhausting prayer with emotional vent outs and dance.They have really made all efforts to give us a feel they are junkies . I mean not say ISKON devotees are junkies , but I have been there – done that  in such gatherings 😀 . Nevertheless, I stopped the video watching at 2:18. They actually got talent- to skew the soothing songs , call them Sufi music ( Sufi is opp pole of what they did) 

  2. Durga

    August 7, 2011

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    oh by the way – the tiny bags around their neck ( for people who think its a fashion statement ) are the bags in which japmalas ( tulsi beads) are carried . 

  3. nilesh

    August 13, 2011

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    Judges enjoyed, viewers enjoyed but you are not.
    your definition of culture is not broad (it can accommodate all dress,suras & notes ) and realistic you will keep talking and commenting and miss the joy and essence you have wrong knowledge of culture. i like one thing about them that they really changed the song (raghupati raghav…sitaram…) and started their traditional mantra this is our culture they are not concern about results they just trying to please lord.

    • The Big K

      August 13, 2011

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      Dear Nileshaa,

      A culturaa is differenta fromaa all the dressa and suraa and notaa. I was shocked to see Kirrona Kheraaa to attach ‘culture’ to the performance by this talent-less band. If ‘changing’ the songs rhythm, sur and taal and performing it in front of idiots is your concept of ‘talent’, then I see no hope for you. I’ve already lost hope for many Americanized Indians already. Destroying the tune of popular Bhajan is *NOT* talent. I’m quite sure you wear your pants on your head and then call it ‘culture’. Huh?

      I’m quite sure the ‘Lordaa’ they were trying to please turned off TV channel. 

    • durga

      August 13, 2011

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      dear Nilesh,

      what was the essence of the song?
      they did not start off any traditional mantra, they started off with skewed mantras. matras are sung a specific fashion, they are to be recited that way. please get some vedic chants cds and listen.I am not against a little modernization of oldies, but skewing to this level and look like junkies sure is not talent.
      I would have rather appreciated the group, if they sang their own song and own music, what ever costumes they wear. If they really wanted to preserve the cuture, thy should have come in come in pattu sarres , veena, voilins , and tablas.
      I doubt they even are aware what the chandan tilaks they have applied mean.
      i would happily tag them ‘sick’ and move on

  4. Durga

    August 14, 2011

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    alright. This would be my last comment here :-|. I for some reason could not settle someone calling these guys great, so here is a sample of what I call music :D. I do listen to rock/pop and all westren beats, I dont deny the fact that every music has its own flavour. But ruining music in name of Fusion is crap. 

    Shankar Tucker is a clarinetist who is using western instruments to blend classical hindustani music to others such as jazz and the outcome is pleasant to ears. Do google “Shankar Tucker” when time permits

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