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The Story Of Bottled Water : Common Sense Videofied!

By on Aug 9, 2011 | 0 comments

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I’ve been a great admirer of Mr. Mahesh Murthy . In one of his writings, he said the purpose of advertising is to scare people and make them buy the products. Now try to recall all your favorite advertisements or simply turn on the TV. You will realize that 99% of them, if not all, are meant to scare us. If we don’t use fair and lovely – we won’t get noticed. If we don’t use Dettol or Lifebuoy, we’ll have all the germs and bacteria all over our body that will eat all our skin and then penetrate to the bones and then we’ll die. If we don’t use a deodorant, people will hate us. If we don’t eat Cadburry, we won’t have happy moments. If we drink tap water – we’ll fall ill.

Story Of Bottled Water Video

Story Of Bottled Water

I stopped consuming Coca Cola, Pepsi and similar soft drinks completely years ago. Frankly speaking, I never liked the taste; especially the unnecessary and annoying burps that would follow. I wondered why people preferred consuming ‘cold-drinks’ instead of water to quench their thirst. It was all senseless. But the repetitive marketing has made us believe wrong is right.

Check out the following video about the story of bottled water. I recommend watching it till the end. The first part is mostly the common sense but what infuriated me is that these bottled water makers DUMP ALL THE PLASTIC IN INDIA. The plastic isn’t recycled here – but actually converted into other plastic products and sold again. The amount of plastic dumps in India is growing every day and destroying our nature. STOP drinking coca cola, pepsi, Acqafina, Bisleri and so on. It does no good to your heath. Next time at hotel, go with ‘tap water’ instead of ‘bottled water’ and in case you love to waste money – hand it over to a better at the traffic signal.

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