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When Good People Join Politics – You Don’t Like Them

By on Aug 10, 2011 | 2 comments

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When I write about politics and how things are in a mess, people ask me “Why Don’t You Join Politics?”. I will definitely consider joining politics but the main problem with good people joining politics is that people suddenly star ‘disliking’ them. I don’t see anything more stupid than this!

Good People Politics

Team Anna

I read some of the anti Anna Hajare and Baba Ramdev comments on the Internet. The skeptics were straightforward saying “If Anna Hajare and Baba Ramdev want to clean up politics and eradicate corruption from the country, why don’t they join politics? Why don’t they form a political party and stand in elections?”. Even Kapil Sibal asked this question in public. Kapil Sibbal asked, “Why do Anna Hajare, Arvind Kejariwal and Baba Ramdev think they are public representatives?”

I wonder why Baba Ramdev did not get support from the whole nation when he was on hunger strike? Because lot of people thought he had ‘political ambitions’. I ask what’s wrong in Baba Ramdev having political ambitions? Don’t we want good people to join politics to clean the system?

Something’s wrong with people.


  1. durga

    August 11, 2011

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    “why Baba Ramdev did not get support from the whole nation when he was on
    hunger strike? Because lot of people thought he had ‘political

    if that was the case, then neither Anna Hazare, not Arvind Kejariwal nor Santosh Hedge would have got people support. They  have similar agends like Ram dev baba, but they are churning out more support.Politics right now is conisdered as money printing activity and obviously any one who has intentions to enter politics are as well considered so, until they prove that they dont have any such intentions. . I think people are kinda apprehensive about his intentions and as well have more osrt of lost hope on political system for any kind of cleansing activity

  2. Sunny

    August 11, 2011

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    when people enter politics they start thinking big, on a macro level and on a basis of country  as a whole like revenue, tax systems, relation with other countries etc. what people in India need is some one to think from  the perspective of ‘common man’ or understanding issues which are faced on day to day basis. That is the reason Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba succeeded on their way of there approach because of people and not directly the Government. I say people like Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba should be there where they are and continue what they are doing. If they have proper support , which they are gradually getting, they can have long lasting effect. It seems they don’t need  politics. just power through support to change people under the government and not the government. 

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