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Did Man Mohan Singh Save India From Bankruptcy?

By on Aug 25, 2011 | 3 comments

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I’m listening to Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s speech in the parliament. He’s saying he’s served the nation honestly and anyone can check his personal wealth he’s accumulated in past 41 years. He’s saying that when the nation was on the verge of bankruptcy, his policies saved the country. Man Mohan Singh is taking credit for the ‘globalization’ thing he brough to ‘save’ India. While people see him as a hero, I’ve a counter view.

The first question I want to ask Mr. Man Mohan Singh is that why did Congress – which came into power immediately after independence decided to take loan from the world banks. With our vast natural resources and manpower, it would have been quite easy for us to build our own nation within a short time. Of course, a strong, people-concerned government would have done that – but you didn’t do it at all. Instead – you went for loans from foreign countries.

India Bankruptcy

Now when the loan exceeded beyond our repaying capacities, you had to give the world banks (controlled by biggest corporations) a way to take the money back. So you adopted ‘Globalization’. Did Globalization solve the problem? Did it bring more money to India than it took away? All it did was award jobs to the few educated ones (we’re pushed into slavery, doing low end job for the world) and stole jobs of the poor workers. ‘Development’ isn’t just the ‘development’ of few cities. The globalization didn’t help the farmers in villages who die every day because of their inability to repay the loans.

Man Mohan Singh – I think you’ve done more damage to this country than anyone else.


  1. Mickky

    September 24, 2011

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    wht the f..yr..u people alwys bak bak nothing..fact is you earned money from this bak smthng bro..thn u hv an rght to say smthng abt anthr person it doesn’t whom it giving personal reviews u people thought u r very clever & eudcated..u r educated thn do something for reform of INDIA…

    • The Big K

      September 24, 2011

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      Mickky, I didn’t earn any money from this ‘bak bak’. I’m educating people and unmasking the crooks. What’s your problem? 

      By the way, what are you doing for the reforms?

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