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Jan Lokpal, You and Your Corrupt Brain!

By on Aug 25, 2011 | 1 comment

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Like all of you (I hope), I’ve been following the developments on Anna Hajare’s fast against corruption and strong Jan Lokpal Bill. From the comments on my previous post, it seems that the Indian intellectuals are hopeless and pessimists who think Jan Lokpal won’t cure everything. It’s been repeatedly said that Jan Lokpal Is Not ‘Cure-All’. But those who’ve cared to read the draft of the Lokpal Bill drafted by the civil society members, it looks quite appealing and strong. Everyone knows it won’t solve all your problems, but it WILL cut down corruption by a heavy margin – which along would help India save hundreds of millions of rupees. Will Lokpal stop you bribing the traffic police? I don’t think it will – but it sure will make the corrupt traffic cop think twice before accepting the bribe. Would you disagree with me if I say the lower strata of the police are ‘forced’ into accepting bribes because there are corrupt police officers and politicians over them who ‘demand’ a monthly ‘hafta’ from the lower ranked officers.

Strong Jan Lokpal

Strong Lokpal - Is All I Want!

The problem with current system is that the politicians have given themselves the infinite powers. There’s practically NO ONE to control the politicians and corrupt officers – who together form a system. The Jan Lokpal is trying to address THIS BIG PROBLEM. By having an independent institution to keep check on these ‘public servants’ the bribe takers and fraudsters will have to think 10 times before doing anything illegal.

Given the perpetual pessimists we are who don’t care to read the Jan Lokpal Bill, we think “What if the Lokpal is corrupt?”. I strongly recommend you to take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and read it. Focus on the points that talk about transparency, election and functioning of the Jan Lokpal. I’m quite sure you’ll find your answers and also know why a common sense oriented guy like me is supporting it.

I had been to Dubai and found that people were so proud in saying that Dubai is all crime-free. Why? Because the administration is SO STRONG that if you do something unlawful, they’ll simply kick your a$$ and throw you out of their country. The strong administration, over a period of time has *changed* people’s mentality. I was convinced that during my journey from point A to point B in Dubai, my taxi fare would be different – because the taxi driver would know I was new there and had no knowledge of the roads. So it was quite easy for the taxi drivers to take me through the ‘longer’ routes so that the taxi fare would be legally ‘more’. A common experience I’ve always had in Pune with the arrogant auto-rickshaw-wallas. I was actually shocked that I had to pay exact same amount during my to and fro journey.

I’m all game for a strong administration, strong Jan Lokpal and ultimately, your corruption free brain. What about you?

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