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The Great Indian Political Ploy To Make Rahul Gandhi A Hero!

By on Aug 25, 2011 | 1 comment

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Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister Of India

Rahul Gandhi - Ready?

Talks between the civil society members and the government have failed and it seems to be a great Indian political ploy to me to make Rahul Gandhi a Hero and project him as the next Prime Minister Of India, making the poor MMS a scapegoat. So here’s what I fear will happen next –

1. Sonia Gandhi is in the US and she’s definitely there for the mysterious surgery.

2. All the black money in foreign banks will be ‘managed’ and probably be handed over to the US.

3. This will be done under forming a treaty so that US comes out of its recession by using India’s black money.

4. Man Mohan Singh will resign as PM.

5. Rahul Gandhi will be declared as the next prime minister of India.


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