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Making Money Is A Crime In India. Isn’t It?

By on Sep 4, 2011 | 1 comment

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It seems to me that making money through legal way is treated as a crime in India. Everyone, including the Government & General Public think that if a person has amassed wealth – it’s only done through illegal means. The wealthy people are treated as ‘ill-will’ people who are crooks and monsters who suck the blood out of the middle class and poor and build golden villas. I’m not saying that all rich people are nice – but why this generalization?

Making Money In India

This attitude became more clearer during the recent Anna Hajare Anti-Corruption fast. I was wondering why people got down on streets to support Anna Hazare? The reason is – he does not have any wealth on his own name. He has a simple lifestyle. He does not seem to have ‘political ambitions’ and he is old. In contrast, I was wondering why didn’t Baba Ramdev gather huge public support? Because people think he’s got lot of wealth and owns foreign land. There’s no evidence of Baba Ramdev has any stake in any of trust or company but people think he’s wealthy; which means he is a crook and he’s got political ambitions.

I’ve this ‘broad’ plan in my mind – Once I’m successful in business, I’ll use technology to bring a massive change to people’s lives – and also do my own bit as a political leader. I might also have to stand in elections and have an official post which will allow me to actually ‘execute’ things in faster and efficient manner – something every ‘leader’ should do. But now I’m thinking, if I gather wealth (and in the process, make thousands of others wealthy in a legal way) common people will treat me as a crook! They won’t vote for me because, I’ve some property in my name! That means I won’t be able to win an election in a legal way! Wooa!

On one hand we want ‘good’ people to enter politics. On second hand – only poor people are ‘good’. So that leaves the whole majority of the middle class that’s aspired to raise above others. Looks like I’ll not be able to enter politics…


Sorry world, you just lost yet another ‘good-willed’ leader who cared for the people.

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