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Once In A Lifetime 2.0 In Israel: The Beautiful Haifa City

By on Sep 15, 2011 | 5 comments

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This is my 5th day in Israel and because of the busy schedule and limited connectivity, I haven’t been able to update the blog as frequently as I thought I would. But that does not mean you’re going to miss out on any update.

Touring The Beautiful City Of Haifa

Haifa is an amazing city and really beautiful. The first day was actually a ‘rest’ day for me and Chris as the other bloggers arrived late. Omry decided to take me and Chris to try out what he called “The Best Falafel In Israel”. 10 minutes walk from the hotel took us to the ‘Best Falafal’ shop that was closed on Monday! Hah! But Omry took us to the second best Falafal shop and there we had it! The national food of Israel – The Falafal. Surprisingly, it’s a complete veggie dish! Woo Hoo!

Falafal In Haifa Israel

Me, Chris & Omry Had To Settle For Israel's 2nd Best Falafal

Falafal – is awesome. Indians from Maharashtra can make it quickly by enclosing ‘Moong Wada’ into the bread and stuffing it with Salad and sauce. The taste is amazing. Thank you, Omry!

The organizers had arranged a dinner for us in an open restaurant which is just by the road that’s in line with the Bahai Gardens. I met all the other organizers. It was a great experience to meet all the organizers – the guys and girls who were operating behind the scenes and doing all the hard work to make the trip successful. They all were happy to have us with them. Marcello joined us later has his flight was delayed.

Dinner In Haifa

Dinner With Organizers - Meeting Everyone!

Visiting The Technion University, Haifa

Day #2: I was quite excited to visit the Technion University. Technion’s got a very large campus and it’s actually very beautiful. After the officials of the University welcomed us, we proceeded to meet the CEO of Alfred Mann Institute (AMIT). Dr. Gilkis gave us a presentation and the research that’s going on in the institute.

@ The Technion University

@ The Technion University

Then we went to the ‘Virtual Reality Center’ and had a demonstration of how Virtual Reality can be used in Civil Engineering & construction projects. The best part of the Technion University tour was Meeting with the Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Aaron Ciechanover!

Aaron Ciechanover

Me Getting The Nobel Prize For Blogging From Dr. Ciechanover. Hah!

We grabbed a quick lunch at one of the best restaurants (and also, one of the most expensive ones) in Haifa and then headed to the Haifa University. The Haifa University campus is serene. We went to a small hall to watch a movie called “Strangers No More” – about a special school in Tel Aviv that accepts children from various parts of the world and takes all their responsibility. More about the school, in later posts as we actually visited the school and interacted with the Principal and the kids.

Haifa University, Israel

Me Addressing Empty Chairs At Haifa University

The movie was followed by a short group discussion about the school, related issues and question answer session with the organizers. It was an amazing experience. We had our dinner with a family and exchanged views & experiences with immigrants.


Dinner With Israel Immegrants

Dinner With The Seniors

After the dinner, it was time to meet one of the most famous singers in Israel – Mosh Bin Ari. His music is awesome and he’s fantastic. I’m already loving his music and I’m playing it right now while writing this text. This is me with Mosh Bin Ari –

Mosh Bin Ari, Israel Singer

Mosh Bin Ari & The Big K

Mosh gave us one of his live performance DVD set and I’m going to listen to it on my flight back to India. Thank you, Mosh! Come to India.

The next day (Day #3) began with all of us visiting a hospital in the suburb of Tel-Aviv. We first visited a hospital and the doctors talked about how the kids are being treated. I didn’t click any photos of the kids with tubes, electrodes and bandages – it’s just painful to see kids in that situation. But I must congratulate the doctors for helping the kids and accepting no money in return. It’s quite an amazing work. We then visited a house where the kids who come from different parts of the world come and stay before they are admitted to the hospital. The kids also stay there once their operations are over.

Kids arrive here from all parts of the world

Kids Arrive here From All Parts Of The World

All of us had a very good time playing with the kids and learning more about them. The house gets volunteers from different parts of the world. On our way back to Haifa, we grabbed ‘Falafel’ and also visited the Bahai gardens. I’ve already shared many photos of the Bahai gardens with you, so I’m not repeating them here. We had a VIP tour of the Bahai Gardens and it’s one of the nicest places to visit in Haifa. Here’s just another view from the Bahai Gardens –

View From The Bahai Gardens

View From The Bahai Gardens

The day concluded with a visit to the Druze Village. One of the members of the Druze community took us through the village and talked about the Druze culture. The Druze villages are quite similar to Indian villages.

The Druze Village Haifa, Israel

The Druze Village Snapshot From Israel

The tour to the Druze Village was followed by a special dinner at the village. We had a nice photo shoot and our photo is going to be with among the top folks who visited the village (includes Sony’s CEO!) –

The Druze Village

The Gang @ Druze Village

It was great to be in Haifa. I wished we could stay longer and explore more. Unfortunately, Omry didn’t take us to the ‘Best Falafel’ shop in Haifa, so I’m saving it up for my next trip to Israel in future. The next day, we went to see the Golan heights and I’m quite sure that you’ll be excited to know about the Golan heights. We enjoyed a lot at Golan Heights. Of course, I’m also going to tell you about swimming in the Jordan River and eating world’s most delicious cake with equally amazing coffee.

But all of that, in my next post. I’m at a Kibbutz right now and I’m going to go out and play the Guitar. It’s been really long time that I played Guitar. Signing off for the moment.


  1. Prasad

    September 16, 2011

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    Hey Biggie, please use one tag or category common across all your israel posts! It’ll be easy to then syndicate a separate feed later on!

  2. Amy

    September 17, 2011

    Post a Reply

    That’s nice. Two months back, I read book “Egyptayan” by Meena Prabhu. In that she has written about three neighbouring coutries- Israel, Jordon & Egypt, the wars between them n more. Since I’ve read about Israel, I am very  much interested in your tour posts. Keep the posts coming…

  3. Marwan Yassin

    September 17, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Very nice 🙂 a country I may can’t visit my whole life! Btw, falafel is purely arabic food and served best by the Syrians

  4. dovboy

    October 5, 2011

    Post a Reply

    Hey Big K,
    just pointing out that another Technion Professor in the Material engineering faculty just won the Nobel prize in chemistry for 2011 Prof. Dan Shechtman

    • The Big K

      October 5, 2011

      Post a Reply

      That’s kinda awesome! Israel’s advancing in tech leaps and bounds!


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