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The Golan Heights & The Jordan River – Beyond Boundaries

By on Sep 23, 2011 | 0 comments

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The day #4 of our 11 Day “Once In A Lifetime 2.0” trip took us to the Golan Heights. One of the most exciting places to visit in Israel, because of the strategic importance of this place both to Israel and its neighbors. Take a look at following map and see the location of this place –

Golan Heights Israel

The Golan Heights

Located in the north of Israel, the place is surrounded by Syria, Jordan & Lebanon which haven’t had good relations with Israel. While this place is under constant military observation; I have only one word for the place – Beautiful! Golan Heights is a beautiful place and it attracts lot of tourists. We had an expert to explain the situation of Golan Heights and he talked about why the place matters to Israel (and to other neighboring countries as well).

Golan Heights Israel

The Golan Heights - Beautiful Place To Visit In Israel

From Golan heights, we went to the brewery to learn about the process of making beer from wheat. I’m a teetotaler (huh?) so I only paid attention to the technical part of making beer; which is quite an interesting process. I didn’t do the practical part of the explanation – which is actually tasting the beer. My fellow bloggers were quite impressed by the taste, I must say.

Beer Making Process - Uses Wheat

Thats where they make beer.

After having a lunch at the place, we went to the make our own chocolates at a chocolate factory. I made my own ‘branded’ chocolate and since no one on the Earth could afford it, I ate all of it on my own. But I do have a photo of my chocolate for you to drool –

The Big K Chocolate

The Big K's Chocolate. Yummiee

Just next to the chocolate factory, we had the Jordan river flowing – and all the bloggers had a chance to swing – dive into it! Can you believe it? We got a chance to swim in the Jordan river. We were welcomed by Danny who served us the world’s most awesomest cake and fresh dates along with super-awesome coffee! Thank you Danny, for the best of the times!

The Jordan River Israel

The Jordan River Israel. We Did A Swing Jump In It! Woo Hoo!

After having heck of a great time in the Jordan river, we went to Effy’s (one of the organizing team member and and awesome guy) restaurant where we were served the dinner. Imagine dining on the shore of the Jordan sea. Can’t describe it in words. Thanks a ton, Effy!

Effy Restaurant

Dinner On The Sea Shore! Wow!

At the end of the day, we were super excited and tired as well. It was great to visit the Golan Heights and understand the situation from the experts. If you’re visiting Israel (and you should!) do not forget to pay visit to Danny’s at the Jordan river!

Day #5 was even more exciting and I’ll write about it in my next post tomorrow.

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