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Exploring Tel Aviv, Israel – The Startup City

By on Sep 27, 2011 | 2 comments

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First Impressions: One of the most exciting part of visiting Israel was our visit to the technology city of Israel: Tel Aviv. The city is officially called ‘Tel Aviv Yafo’ and it is known for all its high-tech companies. The city’s also the second most populated city in Israel. I was quite excited to visit Tel Aviv – because Israel has given many ‘first’ to the world in technology. Unfortunately, people don’t know what’s invented in Israel! On my way to Tel Aviv from Haifa, I could see all the big high-tech companies including Intel (by the way, the Centrino was fully designed and developed in Israel!) and of course Google. Plus, I saw office buildings of all the top automobile companies as well.  Tel Aviv is a beautiful city! Trust me, it’s one of the most happening cities in Israel. If you are a techie, Tel Aviv is the place for you.

Tel Aviv: The City Of Innovations & Startups

Considering the number of start-ups and innovations, I sometimes wonder why I don’t see ‘Tel Aviv’ appearing in technology news as frequent as it should. I was quite surprised to know that Israel has highest number of startup companies per capita and one of the hottest destinations on the planet for VC investments. Lot of technology bloggers would be surprized to know that many awesome startup companies belong to this city! Start-up companies that belong to Tel Aviv seldom mention ‘Tel  Aviv’ in their contact details. It could be because there’s always a fear of the product or services being ‘rejected’ just because the company operates from Israel. Makes me feel sad.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The Home To Innovation & Start Up Companies

Tel Aviv, Israel: The Home To Innovation & Start Up Companies

We had an opportunity to meet the CEOs of two happening startups from Tel Aviv: iTweetLive & uppSite. Both these companies offer really cool stuff and I recommend that you should check them. I’ll cover them in depth through the technology blog. Israel is trying hard to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world to setup offices in Tel Aviv and provide them with quality engineering talent and infrastructure.

We then had a very special meeting with a very special startup in Tel Aviv, that just got acquired by eBay – The Gifts Project. On the way, I noticed lot of mini-tents on the streets. There were recent protests all over Israel against the growing prices of properties. Lot of protesters set up tents on the streets.

Protests In Tel Aviv Streets, Israel

Protests On The Streets Of Tel Aviv, Israel

The Gifts Project office was one of the coolest offices I’ve seen. A tiny office with just enough room to accommodate all engineers but dreaming big. Plus, the company recently got acquired by eBay for about $25 million (I guess).

Matan Bar, The Gifts Project Tel Aviv Israel

Matan Bar Talks About His Startup - The Gifts Project

It was then time for us to check into our hotel ‘Crowne Plaza’ – one of the finest business hotels in Tel Aviv. This is how my room looked –

Crowne Plaza Guest Room Tel Aviv Israel

My Room @ Hotel Crowne Plaza in Tel Aviv, Israel

After resting a bit in our rooms, we headed to meet Ivri Lider – one of the most famous singers in Israel. Take a look at his latest video from album ‘The Young Professionals’ aka TYP. The song is called ‘D.I.S.C.O’. He played the song for us. Check out the video below. It’s quite awesome, say what?

We had a great time chatting with Ivri and his team. We clicked lots of photos with him and talked about his music, his forthcoming projects, his musical influences and lot of other stuff. It was great meeting Ivri.

Ivri Lider DISCO - Meeting @ Tel Aviv

Meeting With Ivri Lider & Team @ Tel Aviv, Israel

The next day was even more awesome, but more about it in my next blog post! Tel Aviv is a city full of life and just a day or two is simply not enough to explore what it has to offer. This tech city of Israel has offered lot of awesome techie stuff to the world. I hope I get a chance in future to visit Tel Aviv.


  1. CEan

    September 28, 2011

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    “Fear of the product or services being ‘rejected’ just because the company operates from Israel.” – Can you explain why is that? What has a good product got to do about where it comes from? 
    Plus, ‘Big Wow!’ at the hotel room photo. You might never want to leave the room itself.

    The song D.I.S.C.O is awesome (minus the background dancers. 😛 )

  2. Alex

    October 20, 2011

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    I had a very similar experience during my trip to Israel in February. I was surprised to see such a start up scene and had a chance to meet with the people from Onavo for a very interesting chat for instance. I knew that there had always been a strong IT industry in Israel but for some reason I though it was more focused on security products. I should have known since it’s where ICQ was created 😉


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