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The Rogozin School In Israel – Strangers No More

By on Oct 2, 2011 | 0 comments

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The day #6 of our 11 day, Once In A Lifetime 2.0 trip to Israel began with checking out of the ‘Crowne Plaza’ hotel and clicking photos with the manager of the hotel. Remember the movie I briefly talked about in my earlier post? Yep, the movie titled ‘Strangers No More’. The movie is about a special school called “Rogozin School” in Israel. The film’s already won and Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject. Here’s a trailer of the movie –

Our Visit To The Rogozin School

The Rogozin School in Tel Aviv, Israel is a special school with students from over 48 countries. Most of the kids who study in this school aren’t Israelis. Vast majority of the students aren’t Jewish, either. Yet, lot of parents send their kids to this school because of its uniqueness. What’s more interesting is that some of the kids who study at Rogozin are even from the countries that aren’t very friendly with Israel. Yet, the school accepts everyone.

Rogozin School In Tel Aviv, Israel

Rogozin School In Tel Aviv, Israel

We were welcomed by the very new Principal of the school. He introduced the school briefly and took us around. The school is quite simple and there’s no ‘show-off’ anywhere. The kids who study here do not belong to rich families. Sometimes, the school goes out of the way to help the parents of the kids to get work visa and even helps them find the right jobs so that they can sustain their families. The education is free for all the students and the school raises money from donations.

Rogozin School Students From Over 48 Countries

Rogozin School Accepts Students From Over 48 Countries

The principal then introduced us to few of the senior students who talked about their experiences in the school, how special the school is and how the school gave them the most important thing – ‘Dreams’. Our tour of the Rogozin School ended with the special setup in the school by Google, called ‘Google Galaxy’. Google Galaxy is a cool setup of about 8 large LCD displays with a custom edition of Google Earth running. Just type the name of the place on the Earth and Google Galaxy will take you there – as if you are looking at the place from a big window! It’s quite cool and we were told there are only about 6-7 such setups all over the world by Google.

It was quite amazing experience to visit the Rogozin School. Our next stop was a car company called ‘Better Place’ where we test drove the Electric Cars! More about it, in my next post. Stay tuned!


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