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Fashion, Hair Style, Accidents & Helmets

By on Dec 21, 2011 | 5 comments

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Right at this moment, I’m looking at a long list of tasks I’ve in front of me. But I’m unable to concentrate. I hate the accident sites; but I happen to pass by at least one every week. I just witnessed an accident – a guy & girl riding a motorcycle collided with another vehicle and got severely injured. The mob gathered in a second and cleared up the road – as if it’s their regular duty. The injured were made to sit on the footpath but everyone could see their bleeding foreheads. The guy was helplessly trying to maintain his consciousness and cover up the injury with his head & scarf. No matter how injured he was; I wanted to slap him and felt no sympathy. First he was speeding at a place where people usually slow down. Second, he wasn’t wearing a helmet!

Wear Helmets, Not Scarf

Wear Helmet - Not Scarf

I think people have no motivation to live. Second, fashion & your so called ‘style’ seems to be more important than safety. I wonder why people fail to understand the importance of helmets. A simple 600-800 rupee helmet has power to save life!

The Strange Over Confidence About Your Bike Riding Skills

Last week, I was invited to be a judge of personality contest conducted by a big IT company. One of the contestants, in his introduction beamed his ‘coolness’ & ‘style’ by telling the audience that he does not like to wear helmet because it gives him freedom & be ‘himself’. I thought of screwing him up in the judges questions round – but later decided that it’d simply be waste of time.

I feel very sad to see the strange confidence they have about their motorcycling rides. Common sense says that no matter how good you are at controlling your motorcycle; the you can’t control others! If you haven’t been into any accident so far in your life; it does not guarantee that you’ll live accidents free all your life.

Ladies have this strange confidence that the accidents are only for guys and no one can ever collide with them because they are more cautious than anyone else on the road. I’ve seen several of them skidding their Activa on road; give me a break!

The Bottom Line: People Are Idiots!

If you don’t wear a helmet; you are an idiot. No matter how big your excuse is. The worst thing is; you’re happy being idiot.


  1. Durga

    December 22, 2011

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    very true. I realized it within days of not wearing helmet while pillion riding, and experienced a truck zoom past us at red signal, a HCL office bus zoomed past us again breaking signal. the road is full of idiots you see! its better to wear a helmet irrespective of whether we are driving or not  . I remembered this wipro bus :-s, it was a flyover and no where where a two wheeler can squeeze other than the main lanes. This wipro bus literally was behind our backs and continuously honked at us to give it some way! It was like inches away from us.I dont know why people think they owe roads, nor I know why they think others (smaller vehicles) are meant to respect them on roads or why they deserve the ‘respect’ and space on road that they continuously honk for.

  2. Abhishek

    December 28, 2011

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    The road is full of idiots. No matter how many wheels support your vehicle, you’re still an idiot if you don’t respect traffic rules – they’re for our own safety dumbwits! Pedestrians in this country are the worst lot. Nobody cares for them. I’ve seen few idiots riding on the footpath meant for pedestrians. I wish they meet with accidents, fall off the footpath, get into the manhole – anything, something.

    • Manjeet

      February 10, 2012

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      Actually, it looks like the gnevrnmeot is trying to do its best (worst!) – Found .I agree that some of the media have been keeping the gnevrnmeot on its toes. But some of them have been insane too – Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai are cases in point. While I think that it’s probably a good thing that our news channels aren’t trying to be “balanced”, taking a side doesn’t mean you start screaming at the top of your voice and sensationalizing a story. In fact, today they’re talking about the people’s anger against the gnevrnmeot, but in a week, or two, I suspect they’ll be the ones beating the war drum, louder than the gnevrnmeot wants. At the end of the day, the question is this – will we, the urban citizens, be forced to finally, finally, engage with the gnevrnmeot, forcing the policies to change and services to be improved? This is a very interesting time – the coming Lok Sabha elections will be the first with the redrawn electoral constituencies, with urban areas getting a larger weight in the distribution of seats. It should be an election to watch with close interest.

  3. iKumar

    June 12, 2012

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    Last lines are awesome… I don’t know how people found coolness in “not wearing a helmet”, and girls, they like to become DAKAIT rather than wearing a helmet.

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