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FDI In Retail Is Stupid. No Lesson Learnt From East India Company?

By on Dec 25, 2011 | 0 comments

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The Indian Government has come up with a master plan to solve the problems farmers face – Foreign Direct Investment (Inward) in retail sector. I don’t know whether I should laugh or get angry. What’s more surprising is that educated & literate people are supporting FDI in retail. You know what? We’re just sold to the fancy buzzwords; and ‘Globalization’ is the buzzword that we think is solving our problems. Other such buzzwords include ISO, CMMI and so on which our people think are the key to success and shell out several thousand rupees for the sake of recognition. That’s another topic which calls for separate blog post.

FDI In Retail

FDI In Retail Is Stupid. Image Credit: The Hindu

Back to the point – Government wants companies like Walmart to enter India and help the farmers. The logic – foreign companies will directly purchase from the farmers and give them the right price for the grains. It will eliminate the corrupt middlemen and everyone will be happy. Another point – we’re being told that the foreign companies will bring ‘technology’. Hell! Tell me JUST ONE company that’s brought ‘technology’ to our country. Mind you – bringing technology is ONE thing and bringing products based on technology to sell is ANOTHER.

It just can’t get more insane than this. The people who we fought saying “CHALE JAAO” during the freedom fight are being invited with red carpets! No lesson learnt from East India Company that entered India in 1600 and then sucked the Indian blood and money to give us ages of poverty. Well, ‘Globalization’ is a nice word, right?

Late Shri. Rajiv Dixit explains it the best in his lecture. Worth watching –


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