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Anna Hajare & Convent Educated English Speaking Bloggers

By on Dec 31, 2011 | 7 comments

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I’m totally disappointed by the ‘so called’┬áintellectuals. The convent educated, English speaking bloggers have already began calling it “End Of Anna Hajare Era”. It’s even sad to see that they call Anna Hajare a ‘Small-Time District Leader’ who ‘Fails to see the corruption of the big leaders’.

I’ve said it so many times – years of slavery has resulted into us being mental slaves. Anyone who speaks fluent English quickly becomes an authority no matter how idiot he/she is. I’ve seen it so many times. My friends who went to convent schools would speak in English so that others would shut up and think how smart he/she is! The same goes with the English channels – the debates on English News Channels are thought of as the debate of the intellectuals – the people who know everything!

Anna Hajare

Anna Hajare - You'll Never Fail

I think the influential bloggers have been ‘bought’ by the government. They simply write what the government wants them to write. The latest trend is writing against Anna Hajare & his supporters. The argument is – “You Can’t Eradicate Corruption By Creating Another Alternate Centers Of Power”. I wonder whether these bloggers have even read the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by team Anna?

All I know is – Anna Hajare has proved that a single man can bring the Government to the knees. He has shown a ‘way’ to move ahead and it’s 100x more preferable than having a no plan.

Anna Hajare has not failed. Mumbaikars not turning up at MMRDA does *not* indicate that Anna Hajare has failed. Mumbaikars themselves don’t care about anything. Heck, all they did after 26/11 attack was a candle light march. It’s the mumbaikars who failed, not Anna Hajare.


  1. BG

    January 2, 2012

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    K, You are absolutely right! Its Mumbaikars who have failed and not Anna Hazare!
    I was there at MMRDA grounds and winessed Anna breaking his fast… let me tell you that though i was happy to participate in the camp but inside i felt Sad about today’s youth!
    I was just wondering that what would have been the situation if instead of Anna there was some event where they had announced that Tom Cruise will come to promote his next movie at MMRDA!!!

  2. Deepak Bansal

    November 25, 2012

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    Exactly! I agree with your statement that English speakers are thought of as great intellectuals and they try to act so too. And actually language is not any bar in the revolutionary movements led by people like Anna.
    What these bloggers are actually doing writing this? Bringing debates to their sites? As all the private news channels are doing everyday? What’s their contribution, that they are commenting and criticizing someone who is transforming debates into action?

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