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Mumbai Does Not Belong To Maharashtra, Right?

By on Jan 14, 2012 | 12 comments

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Update: The level of insanity and stupidity people exhibit is beyond my imagination levels. After reading the following post, a ton of people have began bashing me as ‘Anti-Maharashtrian’ who thinks Mumbai ‘should not’ belong to Maharashtra. I feel sorry for your intelligence and propose you take negative IQ test. 

Following post only intends to show how the big corporates divide Mumbai & Maharashtra. I, for God’s sake, know that Mumbai IS A PART OF Maharashtra. Stop posting idiotic comments. 

I’m quite sure you’ll have noticed the following screenshot but never bothered about it. Since Maharastrians chose to remain ‘outsiders’ to the world of business, they’ve almost no or say close to zero say in the matters that matter. While Mumbai is very much a part of Maharashtra, the telecom network operators don’t seem to believe so. This is what I found on AirTel’s website and then found the same on all network operators – Mumbai isn’t considered a part of Maharashtra:-

Mumbai Does Not Belong TO Maharashtra

Mumbai Is Not A Part Of Maharashtra

I personally get pissed off that the rest of Maharashtra isn’t even worth considering. Even the Marathi TV channels seem to be focused on ‘Mumbai’ than other cities in Maharashtra.

Just wondering, if Maharashtrians do not have a command over Mumbai, why not declare it as a separate state altogether? Why should it be called the ‘Capital’ of Maharashtra?



  1. Amit

    January 20, 2012

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    Why does it have to be a matter of sentiments? It’s a business/technical decision to keep Mumbai separate from rest of Maharashtra (which by the way is clubbed with Goa) while deciding telecom circles. Maybe the reason is that the population (and thus telecom user base & usage) of Mumbai is way way way high compared to the rest of Maharashtra, so it’s a separate circle so that neither Mumbai nor rest of Maharashtra becomes the other one’s burden and suffers.

  2. sid

    February 5, 2012

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    even chennai and tamil nadu are separate. like all other cities. its something to do with circles. take it light dude

  3. Parag dixit

    February 13, 2012

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    No i disagree, MUMBAI belongs to MAHARASHTRA only. Maharashtrian have full rights to say ‘Amchi Mumbai’.Mumbai is not a part of maharashtra this type of bloody thinking comes only in mind of those bastard outsiders because they feel jealous of having such a beautiful city in state of maharashtra

  4. Sudhakar

    May 21, 2012

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    I noticed the same on the airtel website weeks back and wanted to right, but found your blog updated already.
    Hope they have something called Chennai and outside chennai ( tamil nadu ). Possible they would have separated mumbai from the capital.

  5. sharwari

    March 18, 2013

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    I personally get pissed off that the rest of Maharashtra isn’t even worth considering——–> what a rubbish comment….who has given right to you…so please think sensibly first and then write..

  6. Your dad

    April 12, 2013

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    You mother fucker admin playing with the sentiments of Marathi. Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra; no matter what fucking idiots like you say. We Mumbaikars are proud to be a Maharashtriyan.. By d way, you go fuck with someone’s ass.

  7. Anon

    April 13, 2013

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    The bashing that you have received through comments for this post is because you diverted from your usual path of common sense.

    If you have noticed, not only Mumbai but the other 3 ‘metro’ cities viz. Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata have also been listed separately along with their respective states. You should have used common sense and self inquiry like you usually do and have asked yourself why was it so, before posting such a post on your blog which made it look like you were asking for trouble (which am sure you weren’t).

    These cities are one of the largest in India and house the biggest population withing their territory. That is why, I guess, the telecom operators planned to separate them from the rest of the state so as to make the governance of their business more efficient. This does not necessarily mean that Mumbai does not belong to Maharashtra or that Chennai to Tamil Nadu.

  8. karan

    April 28, 2014

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    Its true mumbai telecom is not a part of maharshtra circle but who says chennai is not a part of tamilnadu circle wake up chennai is part of tamilnadu circle from 2007 so they get one MNC for complete tamilnadu circle as license for operation the artficial barrier between chennai and tamil nadu is removed it was done because no operators can charge for romaing between tamil nadu and chennai but sorry to say which not not done in the case of mum and maharashtra so from 2005 still operators like vodafone , idea charge roaming between mumbai and mah given the fact only incoming is free if you towards south you will find 3g data pack from operators like vodafone for 149 which in not in case of both mumbai and maharashtra .The main reason is our political people who represents maharashtra in delhi they dont see to care for people of maharashtra untill there pockets get filled.But if u go down souht you can see mr dayanidhi maran who was telecom minister during his regime he merged the circles.Wake up maharashtrians we need to bring this issue becuase we still not have same local call rate compared to south which are cheap stop being emtional .

    for eg: airtel currenlty has 3g license for mumbai not maha so it can only provide 3g for mum but if incase mumbai and mah becomes one airtel can provide 3g for complete maha circle inclduing mumbai so utimaltely a user who travels just within 50 kms for mumbai city and beyond complete mah can use 3g if state license include mumbai.Imagine a user is of airtel pays 249 for 3g for just using 3g within 50km raduis of mumbai circle …cost effective nahhh…wake up marathi people ..Jai maharashtra

  9. chandrashekhar kumbhar

    November 7, 2014

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    Don’t worry whole of India will be “roaming free” soon (I guess modi government pushed that date forward to March 2015)
    so no separate circles..

  10. Isha Punalekar

    April 19, 2015

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    Dear Writer, the water that you consume and electricity that you use everyday comes from MAHARASHTRA. You survive because of MAHARASHTRA. Mumbai runs because of MAHARASHTRA . 🙂

  11. prasanna

    October 12, 2015

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    you are a fool even up east and up west have different circle thaen they are different states according to you? dont speak rubbish this words of you have legal value only shows your immaturity

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