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Why Is Baba Ramdev’s Campaign Against Black Money Important?

By on Jan 18, 2012 | 7 comments

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Regular readers know that I’m a *BIG* supporter of Baba Ramdev and “our” campaign to bring India’s black money deposited in foreign banks back to ‘our’ country. Why am I supporting Baba Ramdev when lot of *intellectuals* are against him and his campaign? The answer is – because I have brain and others are idiots. I’ve the ability to think, analyze and understand what he’s talking about and doing. First of all, Bharat Swabhimaan is a brain child of the legendary hero, late. Shri. Rajiv Dixit, an engineer, scientist and a great patriot who devoted his life to telling people about the real India, our glorious past and what we should be doing right now. I’m highly influenced by Rajiv Dixit’s talks and recommend everyone to listen to them on YouTube.

Baba Ramdev Against Black Money

Baba Ramdev Knows The Problem. | Image Source: Unknown.

Why is the issue of black money important?

Unfortunately, money can buy 99% of the things; sans happiness. Money gives the corrupt politicians power to alter mindsets and get the things done their way. Unless we cut down access to giga amounts of unaccounted money, corrupt politicians will always have an upper hand in the battle against corruption. Shri. Rajiv Dixit had suggested practical & legal ways of bringing black money back to India. As long as the black money remains deposited in foreign banks and only accessible to the depositors, the fight against corruption is going to be tough.

Baba Ramdev, Subramanian Swami, Ram Jethmalani and associates are aware of this problem and that’s why I think Government took a very hard stand against Baba Ramdev on June 4, 2011. Politicians know that if they lose their control over the black money deposited in Swiss banks, managing people is going to be difficult and they will be doomed. They’ll do absolutely anything to protect their black money.



  1. Vikrant

    January 18, 2012

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    Two differences between common man saving money in banks and politicians saving money in Swiss Banks :-
    1) the common man hopes to withdraw his money in some future date , politicos keep their money for decades.
    2) common man hopes to get interest on money saved in bank from various schemes, politicos have to pay interest to the Swiss banks so that they can use the secrecy.

    Which makes me wonder why do our politicians love money so much.

    Most of us earn money so that we are able to buy certain things. But politicians never seem to buy much as compared to the money they earn.

    I guess , politicians want money for money’s sake. I.e they are addicted to the money itself , not to things it can buy per se. Which means there is something fundamentally screwed up about their preferences. They perhaps get highs and adrenaline rushes when they earn money from scams.

    I am not saying they don’t spend money at all, but just that the amount that they have is way too much than what they spend.

    • Vikrant

      January 19, 2012

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      True, but still they have much more money than is required for all these things, (buying people included). And why do they want to buy people in the first place, so that they can earn more black money. The image of Uncle Scrooge (from Duck Tales) swimming in his gold storage vault, comes to mind.

      P.S :- Thanks for commenting on comments. Came across blog while surfing on crazyengineers as guest. Nice forum with informative topics for engineers. 🙂 . Not joined the forum as yet , will do so soon.

  2. Mayur

    January 22, 2012

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    Let me be the Devils advocate – Why do we forget that the politicians are one amongst us. They are *not* from Mars. Its become a fashion to blame the politicians for everything thats bad in this country. Remember we are also responsible for this.
    And do only politicians have black money? I have seen people giving fake medical bills/ rent receipts to save tax. Isn’t that black money?
    Sit in an AC office, blame the politicians. Instant connect with the rest of the people who sit in AC offices.

  3. SATYA

    January 29, 2012

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    Ram dev is fighting on a issue that can never be resolved ,But the publicity can make him hero and so congress has cut his tail buy doing CBI raids on his property ,So now ram dev will never shout as he knows that CBI is after him and his property .Next time if he talks about black money in Swiss bank etc ..CBI will do another round of raids ..This game continues for any one will talks against the Congress .

  4. amit khanna

    March 5, 2012

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    Thanks. Good to see that atleast some people are able to understand the vision of  Baba Ramdev and Late Shri Rajix Dixit ji.


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