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Thank God It’s Monday

By on Feb 13, 2012 | 0 comments

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I’ve always wondered why people eagerly wait for ‘Friday’. I don’t like it when the week ends. I like it when the week starts – because it gives me a new reason to do more exciting things. It feels like a fresh start every time. I’ve had my ex-colleagues ‘stare’ at me for being cheerful on Monday. I’ve had my ex-colleagues begin Monday with a sad face. Coming to your office on Monday is often the most ‘boring’ and ‘annoying’ thing for most of the people. But not for me.

Everyone Hates Monday

Everyone Hates Monday. Not Me!

I often wonder what people do on weekends. Except for a few people who really make the most out of Saturday & Sunday by doing something creative, adventurous or in short, positive; the majority spends weekend sleeping and watching TV and charging their batteries for the week ahead. What a dull life!

Doing ‘nothing’ and sleeping all the time is ‘heaven’ for most of the people and they surprise me. I want to be doing something new, nice and awesome every time and Monday brings me that opportunity. It’s Monday today and I already feel great about it.

Thank God It’s Monday.

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