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We Were Born Intelligent. The ‘School’ Destroyed Us.

By on Mar 8, 2012 | 7 comments

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This post is not your regular post about blaming the education system; but rather wants to address a larger issue that most of us are unaware of. These days, I’ve been trying to dig out as much information possible about ancient India, our culture and most importantly our science, technology & engineering. Now anything that’s related to ‘History’ is often boring and I know we all unanimously agree that it’s indeed one of the most boring subjects taught in school. Why? Because the history that’s been taught to us is ‘crafted’ version of the history. A *lot* needs to be unearthed; because it’s got hidden treasures that have the power to change India and the mindset of Indians forever. Ancient India Science Engineering

I recently visited the Akshardham temple in Delhi. As everyone advised, we took the ‘boat ride’ that takes people to ancient India and shows glimpses of the ancient Indian culture. Now whenever I bring up this topic in public discussion or on online community; (Indian) people get aggressive and refute everything. But I don’t care because I know the people I’m talking to are the products of ‘the system’ that has turned them into mechanical robots (clerks) who are good at executing commands and are lightyears away from thinking on their own. I’m not different either. I’m yet another product of the system that throws me in the same class of robots. It’s just that I still have some electricity left in me that forces me to think and find information about the things that should be ‘known’.

Today, I stumbled upon a History Channel Documentary which talks about something amazing – the ‘Atomic Warfare In India’. If you have time and are interested, watch this –

…and before you draw any conclusions; here’s something very important. Everything from the past seems to be done by ‘Gods’ and ‘Cartoon-Like’ characters who were flying in the air and throwing stones at each other. We think of our ancients as the ones who barely had clothes to wear and lived in huts. *But*

There are two dimensions to it: Either they chose to ‘live in huts’ because that’s more scientific, environment friendly OR that could just be totally inaccurate. They might have had the most advance civilizations. The way our history books describe them is actually very funny. When I asked my grandpa whether the all the ‘sadhus’ and ‘rishis’ did was to sit in front of fire and throw wood in it (because that’s how they were shown in Ramayan & Mahabarat on TV); he laughed at me. He said the TV show makers know nothing. The Rishi & Sadhus actually were the greatest mathematicians, artists, engineers, inventors & scientists. They developed technology that was more modern and advanced than what we are aware today. That’s the reason why –

The point is even if 5% of the above is true (in fact, 100% of it is) why is modern India nowhere near? Lord Macaulay (and why is he ‘Lord’?) knew that he wanted to create Indians who were ‘Indians’ by blood and color but ‘100% English’ in their minds. And oh boy, he did succeed. That’s why he introduced the concept of ‘school’ that’s destroyed India totally.

When I was in ‘school’ (yep, I’m a product of the system), I was fortunate to get to study Math,Science, History & Geography in my mother-tongue. But the ‘Mount Carmel’ school boys were ‘automatically’ considered as more intelligent and smarter than us (the Marathi medium guys). Why? Because they could speak English and we could not. They’d wear shoes and tie (even in 40 degree summer) and naturally appear more ‘posh’ than us. We’d play together, but they’d always have ‘a say’ in all the matters. Quite often I’d realize how idiot they were, but they refused to accept. Why? Because they could speak and most importantly whenever there were fights, they’d abuse us in long English sentences. We’d just look at them.

Now, it all looks stupid. I’ve had several occasions where I knew my knowledge of science, math and history was better than them and had I been given the opportunity (and courage) to study in my mother-tongue; I’d have been an awesome Engineer. It’s not that ‘English’ pushed me back; but it does: thousands and thousands of Indians. Yet many parents don’t realize this and force their kids to speak in English no matter how *bad* their own English skills are.

The ‘school’ system has destroyed Indians and their ability to think & innovate. The problem needs to be addressed on high priority basis. But for that to happen, we’ll need several courageous patriots who can change the system. But thanks to the education system that destroys this patriotism and makes us feel ashamed of our own history. It just a systematic destruction of India. Will we ever come out of it? How?


  1. Circular Square

    March 18, 2012

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    Let us say for some reason the civilisation of today is lost. And let us say that human beings of the future only discover the books such as Harry Potter. Then they will get the impression that the human beings of today had invented flying brooms and what not. They may not get to know the real state of science today. 

    Something similar has happened with texts such as Mahabharata. What proof is there that author of Mahabharata was not J K Rowling of his time ?  Aren’t we being hasty by suggesting that he was a Stephen Hawking of his time ?


      August 24, 2012

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      hey “circular square’ wat a fool u are. have u not read mahabaratha. the original mahabaratha was written by maharishi VEDA VYASA. it contains 60,00,000 slogans but when generations passed people have shortened every thing. and dont make idiot comments that it was written by J K Rowling of his times, VYASAN & VALMIKI wrote mahabaratha & ramayana after realising universal truths and they represent it in the form of epics . hope u r not guided properly or u dont have any spiritual knowledge thats y talking rubbish things. LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING

      • Circular Square

        September 13, 2012

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        Visiting this blog after many days.
        I think my short metaphorical comment has caused anguish to some people. So there is need for clarification.One must realize that being an author of fiction does not make someone less great than an author of non-fiction. If that were so we wouldn’t hold someone like Rabindranath Tagore, Sane-guruji, Munshi Premchand in such high regards. So my speculating that Vyasa was like a J K Rowling doesn’t mean he was not great. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have used J K Rowling as an example as her works may not last the test of history.I used that example because her works contain magical objects which was relevant to point I was making).Even if Mahabharata was a work of fiction doesn’t mean it is a work of junk. It still remains the greatest work of literature with a great message that ‘war is futile’.

        My objection however is to take everything from Mahabharata to be literal. I have heard people claim that Indians had developed nuclear weapons in the form of ‘Brahmastras’. No evidence exists for such things. (The History channel video which was referenced in this blog is very speculative. What’s more it gives credit to such explosions in the past to aliens. So I don’t see how it means Indians get the credit. The aliens get all the credit. Quite like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.) . I am not asserting that a war similar to Mahabharata did not happen . Maybe there was a war between cousins and maybe it did cause a lot of loss to human lives in India. But all I am saying is that they fought with the technology available to them in the iron-age. Not with nukes and atomic bombs.

        Let’s give our ancestors credit for their real achievements. They are also quite magnificent. No need to invent imaginary achievements and do them a disservice.

        P.S :- And there is certainly no need to get personal here. Calling someone a ‘fool’ simply because their viewpoints differ from you is not a proper device in an argument.

  2. Gurjap

    April 21, 2012

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    I share your frustration, but taking a long look back (we’re talking millenia) and sighing will not help. We are living in the twenty-first century, we import all our technology and have very little originality to share with the rest of the world. Aryabhata and Bhaskara and Charak cannot help us. 

  3. Mrigasya

    August 20, 2012

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    “Aryabhata and Bhaskara and Charak cannot help us”. We carry the genes of great architectures, engineers, doctors etc when they could, even we can.
    just modify ur thinking and before getting into business, meditate to hear silence.

  4. j.venkatesh

    August 24, 2012

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    log on to palini website and know more about maharishis especially siddhar bogar

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